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Dec 8, 2001 05:32 PM

DDesperate nfor Asian lunch between SF airport and GG bridge

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Driving to Sonoma from SF airport. MUST HAVE great Asian lunch somewhere in between, not far off the beaten path. What's great on 19th ave? Chinese preferred but any Asian will do.

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  1. This is a tricky question, because 19th Avenue inersects with Clement street, which undoubtedly has some of the best chinese in the city.
    If you want some Dim Sum you could try Ton Kiang at 22nd and Geary, and the Lucky Fortune restaurant next to it serves good fish dishes. There is excellent Pho at Pho Du on Clement and 12th and Good Luck Dim Sum at Clement and 10th is a great place to get dim sum to go. There is also great Pho at 19th and Irving at PPQ 2 which has vietnamese barbecue as well.
    What else? hmmm....there are like a million and a half asian restaurants in that area, so i will stop here and let everyone else throw in their 2 cents.
    Happy Trails,

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      I strongly second PPQ at 19th and Irving (it's on Irving below 19th, and remember that you have to go around the block because you can't turn left on 19th). Very fresh, topnotch ingredients. No ambiance to speak of, but plenty clean. Get the veggie summer rolls (I think that's what they're called) - they RULE! Not fried, loaded with veggies, totally great. I am not a huge pho fan but love all the grilled items at PPQ. In fact, we almost went there tonight (cranky kid made us decide not to in the end, much to the unknown relief of diners there).

      Enjoy your lunch, wherever you go!

    2. I like this place at ocean and 19th
      Jitra Thai Cuisine
      2545 Ocean Ave., San Francisco CA (415)585-7251