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Dec 7, 2001 12:44 PM

lous donuts or stans anyone?

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I was wondering if anyone has ever had Lou's Living Donut Museum donuts in San Jose. Also, has anyone had donuts from Stan's Doughnut Shop in Santa Clara on Homestead. I'm a huge fan of light, fluffy glazed old-fashioned donuts and can't seem to find a good donut shop close to Stanford campus. So let me know if you've been to either of those places and/or which one is better!


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  1. m
    Melanie Wong

    Here's a link to a post from nearly a year ago. Sounds like it's a dead heat - you'll need to try both and let us know how you like 'em as a tie breaker!


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    1. re: Melanie Wong
      susan mernit

      I have eaten at both Lou's Dounut Museum and Stan's Doughnut shot and find Stan's FAR superior. Lou's doughnuts were actually pretty bad in my opinion; I had a plain doughnut, my acid test, and a cinnamon, a personal favorite. Found them heavy and greasy, not flavorful--but the store is a trip to visit!
      Stan's, on the other hand, has much less kitsch, but has GREAT hot, fresh doughnuts. They are also a bit more greasy than my ideal, but they're delicious.
      BTW, the December 2001 issue of GOURMET has an item on Lou's, but, tellingly, perhaps, never mentions the quality of the doughnuts made there--just talks about the family and the history.
      I'm not aware of other doughnut shops in the area worth visiting--would be interested in other recommendations.

      1. re: susan mernit

        So, I went to Lou's last Saturday, and I was totally unimpressed. I had a glazed old-fashioned. I found it too crispy and dense. I prefer mine fluffy on the inside and crisp, but not overly so, on the outside.

        I will take your recommendation and visit Stan's. Have you ever had one of their glazed old-fashioneds?

        1. re: melissa

          No, but now I want to try one..going to have to wait till after the holidays, though. Let us know how it is.

          On a related note, have you ever had the portguese/spanish ensalmadas? Or the Hawaiin versions? They're akin to cake doughnuts in some ways--sweet bread, lightly fried.

          Also had an AMAZING thing last week at Soog Soong aka Fat Wok on El Camino near San Tomas in Sunnyvale--a Taiwanese dinner roll--this was a sweet roll, large and oblong, light brown, stuffed inside with shreds of bread! and sliced, served room temp. Also somewhat doughnut like...odd, but not bad as a carb rush.

          1. re: Susan Mernit

            That's sounds really interesting... I've never heard of Soog Soong. Is the rest of their food any good? I'm not into a lot of exotic cuisines, but I'd be willing to try a recommendation of something good!

            1. re: Susan Mernit

              My favorite fried sweet dough is a zha dan (link below).


      2. Stan's is my favorite donut place in the whole world. I have never been to lous. I know Stan and asked him one day what made his donuts so good. He said it was the quality of the ingredients. It is a family owned and operated business. I am not really into donuts but can be easily tempted by Stan's donuts.