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May 1, 2003 11:29 PM


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Does anyone know where I can either buy ramps in Philadelphia, or find them on a menu?


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  1. Iovine Bros. produce in the terminal is where I got some last year. You can probably find them on the menu at pretty much any place that brags about seasonal cooking.

    1. I can confirm Jas's rec of Iovine's. I bought 2 lbs last weekend (being new to ramps, I couldn't find them. Upon asking, they pointed me to the "wild leeks").

      1. Iovine's has been selling them for $2.99 a bunch for two weeks. A bit dear, but worth it for once a year.

        I blanched the cleaned ramps, then sauteed them in butter with some morels. That served as the base upon which to serve some sauteed dry scallops. A perfect spring dish!

        Now I can't wait for fiddleheads!

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        1. re: Bob Libkind

          Bob: I believe it's $2.99/lb -- at least that's what I paid. I also blanched/sauteed, but used pancetta.

          1. re: cighiale

            I emailed Vinnie Iovine, and they're $2.99 a bunch, not a pound. And a bunch is considerably under a pound.

            1. re: Bob Libkind

              I guess I got lucky. Just under 2 lbs -- something like 10 bunches, and my wife complained the entire time while cleaning them -- cost me $5.

        2. I also got them at Iovines (though I may have bought the last of them today)

          I think ramps are beautiful paired with salmon, chicken & potatoes respectively.

          I've sauteed them in olive oil & tossed with steamed fingerlings as a bed for grilled salmon love the idea cinghella of adding pancetts to that equation

          , Infused olive oil with them to brush on chicken,

          made a spring veg pasta w. asparagus, sauteed ramps, fiddelheads & pea shoots...

          also have made a ramp butter with the "heads" stuffed in under the skin of whole free range chicken and slid the leaves under the skin as well & roasted at high temp the skin gets translucent and you can see the leaves and its wonderfully buttery & rampy

          may be making a trip next weekend to the Union Square market in NYC which is abound with them if anyone is interested in ordering a few lbs..send me an email