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May 1, 2003 09:47 PM


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Has anyone been to Valentinos on Pine St.?

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  1. We found it disappointing.
    Some of the pastas were inedible, to me. Very heavy - really clunky. They were on a platter of special homemade pastas. I was able to eat the Sicilian one with the sardines and pinenuts; the others were really poor.
    People liked their entrees of fish, veal, etc. That seems to be what they do best.
    Desserts were mediocre.
    The owner/s seemed very nice and anxious to please.
    The noise level was one of the highest I've ever encountered. It was impossible to talk. Perhaps if you go very early or late it's not as bad.
    Maybe it's improved since then. I think this was in the fall.

    1. don't go

      svc was absolutely terrible (the worst), food was just average, and even though i explained my hubby's seafood allergy (i suspect they put crab meat on his entreee and scraped it off before they served it) cause it looked like something had been scraped off and he got really sick when we left

      there are much better restaurnts in the area, i'd rather go to effie's, porchini, la viola or la baia (just to name a few)

      1. I'm so glad to have your opinions on this place. It's convenient to the Kimmel but I'm always suspicious of restaurants that reek of garlic--so much so that you can smell the place before you can see it. In my experience, that does not bode well for the food. Think I'll skip Valentino's.

        1. I've had dinner there three times and was pretty happy two out of the three times. I like their crab-filled ravioli a lot. But this past Saturday, I ordered veal and was a tad disappointed. My two companions were happy with their pasta though.

          1. heard ristorante valentino has been completely management...
            heard the food is amazing...
            anyone know of this?