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Dec 7, 2001 04:13 AM

House on 9th

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Hi All,

I have noticed some positive posts on the house on 9th in this forum. What kind of food do they serve there? Is the house on Grant as good?

Can you recommened any other good fusion or cajun restaurant. We want something around 40$ per person,
which is really interesting and non-standart. At first we wanted to try the slanted door, but due to some bad posts here we decided to skip, and we are looking for an alternative.

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  1. I have eaten at the House on Grant street, and although, the deserts are lacking (although, to be honest, i am not a big desert fan) The appetizers and entrees were both very nice. The first time i went i had a sea bass that was excellent and the second time i had some beautiful black mushroom dumplings and a DELICIOUS Unagi and Avocado sandwich. Not i am not a big sandwich fan, but this sandwich was TOTALLY worth it. I would recommend it to anyone!
    The best thing about the House is that it is reasonably priced for the finished product and the service does not come with attitude.
    I can't speak for House on 9th, but a definite thumbs up (for lunch anyway) for the House in North Beach.

    1. House on 9th serves Asian-californian fusion. Their fish fishes are excellent.

      For cajun - SF doesn't offer very much, but I like Cajun Pacific out in the middle of nowhere (Irving and 47th Ave). Great soulful cooking. The gumbo is for real and the jambalaya is very fluffy. I liked their crawfish monica a lot. Do a search - there have been several posts about this place. (BTW, skip PJ's Oysterbed - expensive and so-so.)

      For low-key fusion, Ma Tante Sumi on 18th and Castro is not a bad deal. It's by no means the best, but the atmosphere is very casual, easygoing, and not too loud. The food is well cooked and quite delicious, and the fusion in the dishes I tried worked fairly well.

      If you're skipping slanted door, why not go for straight authentic Vietnamese? La Vie and Jasmine House in the Richmond come to mind.

      1. I've been to both the 9th Street and North Beach locations a number of times. I think both are great, and fortunately haven't noticed a huge discrepancy between the two. Although, the Chilean sea bass topped with ginger-soy sauce (one of my favorites) at the location in North Beach was better than the version I had at 9th two visits ago; the fish was not the right temp. and the sauce was a bit thin. Aside from that, I don't have any complaints. Note: the one thing I'd advise you to skip are the pot stickers and the rolls. This is actually a place where the main dishes shine above the appetizers, and while they do offer sushi on the menu which I've found to be quite good (esp. unagi), go for the mussels instead.
        Definitely no attitude from the staff, totally accommodating and friendly.
        While parking in the evenings isn't great in the Inner Sunset, it's ridiculous in North Beach (don't even consider it on the weekends), but if you're taking a cab, not an issue.
        EOS, at the corner of Cole and Carl, is another fusion place I can think of. Good food, but more towards the $60 per person, and in all honestly, I'd go more for the wine and dessert than the entrees.
        I know Zax probably doesn't count as fusion, but it's got some great seafood on the menu. I've confidently sent a couple of friends there and they've all been happy with not only the food but the comfortable atmosphere. My last dish consisted of some wonderfully prepared seared scallops in a dark reduction sauce on a bed of fluffy mashed potatoes and crisp snow peas on the side. Once again, this place is in North Beach, but more on the outskirts toward the piers.
        Hope you enjoy your dining in San Francisco.....good luck deciding where to go!
        Regards -

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          The salmon spring rolls at House on 9th are actually quite good and worth trying.

          The wine bar at Eos (next door) would actually be a great place to get the wine and dessert, instead of going to the main restaurant. Only advantage of the main restaurant if you're not getting a full meal is that if you sit by the counter you can watch the dessert chef at work.

          While we're on the subject of North Beach - I'd like to mention Cobalt Tavern. When I ate there I really enjoyed the monkfish made bolder by chorizo. I believe there are several fans of this place on the SF board as wel that swear by the salt cod brandade which I'm eager to try. Dessert there is fine, but I feel that it's more worthwhile to stroll over to Jianna for better sweets.

        2. House on 9th is waaaaay better than the north beach location, in my opinion. The atmosphere just doesn't compete, 9th is far nicer, and the food has been better there in my experiences.