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Apr 9, 2003 10:26 PM

Thoughts on Avalon Restaurant

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New to the chester county area. I have been hearing alot of really good things about Avalon Restaurant in West Chester. Has anyone been or heard anything? At
my office every says it is "THE PLACE" to eat in West Chester.


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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. As another data point - I read a pretty bad review of Butterfish in the Inquirerer. (Poor service and not great food.)

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      1. re: Beth Jerome

        I thought I remembered reading the same review, but was unable to find it online anywhere. We went to Butterfish anyway on Saturday night and thought it was very good. The service was fine and the food was decent. We split an appetizer of crab stuffed scallops. I had the rainbow trout stuffed with shrimp and crawfish for my entree which was very good. Thought the sauce was a little rich. My husband had the butterfish which I believe is served in a ginger buerre blanc sauce. It was very good. We would go back.

        1. re: cjc519

          I went in July and liked it too. Fine service, nice appetizer, competent fish (this may sound like faint praise, but it's amazing how often service is clueless and fish cooking is hit and miss). We don't do desserts much, but I thought it was nice (and mercifully small). Nice addition to the WC scene, and a good value, because it's BYO.

          I was amazed at how much the tables were spaced out. I have to figure that financial pressures will cause them soon (if it hasn't already been done) to increase the number of seats. I sincerely hope the kitchen and the waitstaff can keep up, because I intend to go back.