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Capogiro Gelato - which flavor?

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We expect to get there on Friday.
Those who have been there - what was your favorite flavor?

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  1. Burnt caramel and hazelnut. Both are out of this world!

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    1. re: sara
      Bride of the Juggler

      My favorite so far is Miel Praline, which blends nutty and buttery caramel flavor. I normally don't like nut flavored ice creams or pastries, because I hate the taste of almond extract. But they use actual fresh ground nuts in their nut flavors, which makes a world of difference.

    2. Does anyone know the nutrition facts of the different flavors of gelato? Or at least some idea of the calorie/fat content? Thanks.

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        Probably high in calories, so we plan to have sushi first. Less guilt!

        1. re: Sylvia G

          Hmmm, sushi can be very calorie-laden depending on how much you eat. I was surprised.

          I avoid Capogiro guilt by not having it every single day, only once or twice a week :-)


          Link: http://www.afcsushi.com/pages/nutriti...

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            Great link, JugglerDave!

          2. re: Sylvia G

            In general, gelato has less fat than ice cream.

            1. re: Elaine

              It's supposed to be about 1/3 less, but obviously they can put different things in it.

              Capogiro has wonderful sorbets as well, for the fat and calorie-conscious, and since they'll give you two flavors even in a small order, I often get one sorbet and one gelato -- it sounds like the texture interface would be weird but it's really wonderful... I've done tangerine sorbet with dark chocolate gelato, which was amazing... and I think I did a green apple sorbet with a caramel gelato... really yummy, and only half as guilt-inspiring.

        2. I just came from there. Decided to make gelato my lunch today! I had 2 flavors- pear sorbetto and chocolate banana- and they were both out of this world.

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          1. re: Sara

            I had an errand on 13th last week and treated myself to rum raisin and capucinno(sp?) The rum rasin was better but both were great-- smooooth and delish!

          2. My personal favorite was fior de latte. Wonderfully straightforward. Some of the others are a little... overcomplicated. So I always have it with a second flavor (tonight it was pear/bourbon, which was very good, but possibly does not belong on this list). It makes a perfect foil.

            As long as I am allowing myself to be negative about this *very* wonderful and welcome addition to my waistline problems, does anyone else feel the confectioner could lighten up just a tad on the sweetness?

            1. grapefruit is my favorite, with orange and caradamon a close second. cream of coconut rounds out the dish nicely. they are all good, and you are encouraged to taste, so it's hard to go wrong! have fun, but be warned, i am officially addicted....

              1. I just visited for the first time last week.
                A combination of Cioccolato Scuro and Burnt Sugar led me to a religious experience.

                1. Bitter chocolate but they will let you same a fair number of flavors so suggest you do that.

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                  1. burnt caramel
                    goats milk with honey and rosemary
                    they are all so good
                    in the summer the pinapple mint is good

                    1. Bitter chocolate
                      Bacio - i love this
                      peach - in the summer

                      1. Man this post has been ressurected from the dead! By the way, gelato has much fewer calories and less than half of the fat of ice cream. Sushi (unless you go the sashimi route) can be pretty darn caloric thanks to the rice!

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                        1. re: bluehensfan

                          "Gelato" does, but I suspect that Capogiro's bitter chocolate is 50% actual chocolate (in a very good way), which does up the calories quite a bit. Not that I'm complaining.

                          Obscure data point: When Capogiro (original on 13th st) opened, I figured out that the calories burned from walking from our home in Rit-Fit to/from Capogiro was exactly the amount of calories in their small. Meaning that we could walk back and forth all day, ordering a gelato on each trip, and not gain an ounce. In theory.

                        2. Thai coconut and mango. My favorite food in all of Philadelphia.

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                          1. re: tilemaker

                            HEY, that's the same combo i order, too! i'd like to say i've tried em all, but, meh, i sample and sample, and you just can't beat the thai coconut milk.

                            though (it may have been a summer special?) the cilantro + lime gave my fave a run for its money.

                            1. re: rabidog

                              Yeah, that coconut is so good that it shames all other competitors. But in a pinch, Haagen dasz pineapple coconut sort of satisfies that coconut craving. Capogiro is dangerous stuff indeed.

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                                The lime cilantro is there now. I just had it and it was a wow flavor, all right. Obviously you have to like cilantro, but if you do, wow. (Not soapy at all, like some cilantro flavored things can taste.)

                            2. I have to second the pineapple mint. Glorius. Just glorius.

                              Excuse me while I run to Capogiro.....

                              1. Bitter chocolate - i've never had anything like it, and now i have to buy $10 pints from whole foods in NY...
                                Also, Lime/Cilantro (tastes like a mexican vacation)

                                1. Bitter chocolate with any fruit - pomegranite (when they had it) was great. Last night we combined it with meyer lemon and the caramel/butterscotch thing (too sweet for me, but my spouse loved it).

                                  1. I hope everyone realizes that this initial post was from 2002!

                                    I don't know how these old posts reappear - but it's fun to read about everyone's favorite flavor. Right now, I'd rather have a hot cup of coffee or chocolate.

                                    1. Mexican chocolate. It has chile in it. mmmm

                                      1. I just had the bittersweet chocolate and the grapefruit with campari yesterday. I've been unable to stop thinking about either of them since. I also want to try all the other flavors, and as they have quite a few, I fear this will become an expensive habit!

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                                        1. re: bertha1223

                                          I love the chestnut gelato and the pear & bourbon sorbet. Could not get better product in Italia itself!

                                            1. re: bluehensfan

                                              I love the Thai Coconut Milk. I can experiment with other flavors, but I always add them to the coconut milk.

                                              1. re: lbmsw

                                                Basil gelato + lemon sorbeto. Very refreshing.

                                                1. re: lbmsw

                                                  me too! love it with the mango (thai coconut milk).

                                                  so do they have the lemon basil and/or lime cilantro right now?

                                                  i have a very small window of time tomorrow to grab a light dinner right in that area tomorrow evening and i'm thinking i'm going to make it dessert for dinner at capogiro!

                                                  1. re: rabidog

                                                    Today, the 20th street store had Lime Cilantro, Strawberry Tarragon, Pinapple Mint, among many others. Not sure about the lemon basil though.

                                          1. I had grapefruit with English Sea Salt the other day...the sea salt was SO good. I should have combined it with chocolate. Mmmmmmm. My BF and I are definitely going there this weekend.

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                                              The Maldon Seasalt is my favorite. Combined with macadamia nut? Or pistachio? Oh boy

                                            2. Months ago I had blood orange and I am still thinking about it!