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Dec 4, 2001 04:36 PM

Afternoon Tea in South Bay? Thanks!

  • j

Anyone know of an afternoon english tea place in the south bay? I'm thinking of something like Lisa's Tea & Treasures in terms of selection, atmosphere, and prices. Thanks!!

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  1. There's a russian tea place one that just opened up on Bascom near the Pruneyard. Not sure what the exact name is, but it's near the Kirk's Steakburgers. Worth a shot.

    Hope this helps.

    1. You did know that Lisa's just moved (it's not totally gone)? It's in Burlingame now.
      I think someone said there's a Tea place in Los Gatos. --Kim

      1. Not that far south, but Tea Time in Palo Alto is a wonderful shop. Tea sandwiches, cookies, exceptional teas and chinas, and classes. On Ramona off University.