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Dec 3, 2001 11:41 AM

Best buttermilk bars?

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There is only One True Doughnut, and that is the divine Buttermilk Bar. Actually, Two True Doughnuts--glazed and unglazed. I'm not picky. (And apple fritters...but that's not really a doughnut. So forget I mentioned them.) All other doughnuts seem to have something missing...a kind of absence at the center, as it were...

So, where are the best buttermilk bars in the Bay Area? Crisp outside, moist inside, with a nearly liquescent strip below the valley, tangy all over (you really don't want a bland buttermilk bar). Can anyone direct me to this?

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  1. Try Donut Alley, across from Emporio Rulli (on Magnolia Ave.) in Larkspur. Open daily 6am-11am (or until the donuts run out..)

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    1. re: Dixieday

      Thanks for the tip for good donuts in Marin!

      However, I have to say that Bob's Donuts on Polk & Sacramento is THE ULTIMATE in donuts. They start making their buttermilk bars btwn 9 and 10 pm - go when they are hot! The same guy makes all the donuts, turning them in the vat with chopsticks. Around 11 he makes the glazed and cinnamon rolls. One of Bob's Donuts with a carton of cold milk...mmmm - my eyes are rolling back in my head just dreaming of them.

      BTW, Bob's Donuts is right next to Bob's Diner, so do not be confused! Bobs Diner is on the corner - the donut shop is in the middle of the block.

      1. re: Sashi
        Melanie Wong

        Can't say that Bob's is the best across the board.

        Here's THE ULTIMATE:

        Bob's - apple fritter
        Donut Alley - french cruller (so eggy and light!)
        Flakey Cream in Healdsburg - chocolate old-fashioned

        1. re: Melanie Wong

          Thanks for the tips, y'all. I used to live in that neighborhood, and agree with you about Bob's apple fritters, and with Sashi about Bob's buttermilk bars. (Didn't really try much else.) Bob's is the standard by which I judge other buttermilk bars. I'll have to try Donut Alley and Flakey Cream when I get up that way.

        2. re: Sashi

          are you sure you mean 9-10pm? seems late for a donut makers...

        3. re: Dixieday

          Got up at 5am this morning and decided to drive over to Larkspur and get myself a donut (or four) at Donut Alley. Got there at 6am when they opened and got a buttermilk bar, a crueller, a glazed and a cinnamon donut. The buttermilk bar was very good- moist in the center and crunchy on the outside and not at all heavy from grease. The crueller was very light and airy. those were my two favorites. I tried nuking them and liked the results. Just enough to warm them....the buttermilk bar about 12-15 seconds and the crueller about 7 or 8 seconds - more and they'll "meltdown". Thanks for the heads up on this place.

          1. re: gordon wing
            Melanie Wong

            Gotta admire your chowhoundin' passion, Gordon! Not sure that I would drive over a bridge for the sole purpose of sampling donuts. I'm glad you liked the crueller. It's gotta be made with real eggs, unlike the dry and tasteless ones that the chains sell.

            Here's a link to your previous donut-hunting visit to Lafayette.