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dining melt-down - not at chenery park

cj callen Dec 2, 2001 01:42 AM

My partner and I checked out chenery park, which is close to home. We had strolled by it one day a few months ago when someone (the owner, I now believe) handed us a menu. nice.

finally made it there and it was packed. apparenty got a review in the chronicle and as a result, business, which had been slow was no longer so.

Great service and a meal to match. Partner had an autumn salad with fuyu persimmons, pomegranite seeds, butter lettuce, and a pear vinagrette. He followed that with porcini papardelle (sp?) bolognese. my starter was shrimps with crispy fied onions and fennel on a bed of frissee, finished wih a tart, surely citrus-based dressing. I followed with duck breast with risotto (with an autunmal presention - pouring out of a squash). Normally I never order risotto out because resaurants rarely take the time to do it right - it is so much better home made, but it was delicious. Although we were quite full, we each had a dessert - he the ubiquitous warm chocolate cake (with chantilly creme) and I with the almost ubiquitous warm ginderbread cake with pumpkin ice cream and caramel sauce.

Overall, a delighful night out. What's been your experience???

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    Snoop Kitty Cat RE: cj callen Dec 2, 2001 02:38 PM

    We also live in Glen Park, and have eaten at Chenery Park five or six times, maybe more. Each time has been better than the last. They threw a great "party" on Halloween. We regularly bring the kids (ages 4 & 10, with lots of restaurant experience) and are made to feel welcome. The 10-year-old doesn't recommend the mac&cheese, however.

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