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Dec 1, 2001 08:33 PM

Kid Friendly Restaurants in SF

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Recommendations for a SF restaurant that is kid friendly. we have a party of about 8 adults and 4 children. Prefer no chains. Thanks

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    cliff stanley

    As long as you are not looking for elegance, its pretty remarkable how many places are kid friendly. Or maybe our standards have just fallen. One place we frequent, where adults and kids can eat half decently, is Park Chow, on Ninth Ave. near Golden Gate Park. Kind of modern least common denominator food, pizza, pastas, salads, grilled fish, burgers. The pizzas are pretty swell. Some other places....shit, I'm blanking now. Spent the day with my six year old and she ran me ragged. So sorry, one will have to do.

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      Giorgio's on Clement @ 3rd is a very casual pizza/pasta place. It's a wait-your-turn kind of place, so expect a wait during peak times, but it's very kid-friendly & noisy enough anyway that no one notices if your kids are making noise. The food is good, but the service usually lacks. Kids love to program the jukebox.

      For a more elegant place, try Beach Chalet on the Great Highway near Fulton. It's great food & service, and kid friendly, but a little pricey. I'm not sure if they take reservations, but you can check them out at

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        I suppose it depends on what kind of dining experience you're looking for. Most likely casual moderately priced would be the most accomodating for that many people.I've found most mexican and chinese restaurants to be kid friendly along with family style Italian menus.

    2. Found a list of kid-friendly places on bayinsider, but they do list a few chains...


      1. Khan Toke on Geary might be fun to take some kids to since you get a private area with that many people and it is a cool atmosphere and one of those crazy sunken tables!
        Pauline's Pizza has crayons and paper table cloths and AWESOME pizza.

        1. don't know if you're still looking but will relate a good experience 3 adults and 2 18 month olds had at Pasquale's, in SF at Irving and 8th, last night.

          the food: nothing spectacular. old school: antipasto salad with Italian dressing, slices of meat and cheese. pizza is fine, not horrible, but tasty. lotsa lotsa cheese (if you're 18 months old this is great and if you're in your 30s and thinking not too much about fitting into your party clothes, it's fun to eat).

          what we love: totally sweet staff, utter coolness with between courses wanderings, clientele is either similarly bechildrended or superrelaxed. pizza making operation in full view, crust guy makes a great show of flinging and twirling. jukebox cheap and kids had fun hitting buttons and randomly programming it.

          at one point, one of our younger diners tired of pizza. her mother asked for a bowl of plain spaghetti and it appear immediately. that was huge. meltdown averted. these people know kids! and were cheerful despite our inevitable mess (no doubt in part b/c of our tip)

          anyway, it's a good solid fun very unpretentious neighborhood place. check it out.