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Nov 30, 2001 10:39 AM

SF Fine Dining Melt-Down Continues

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John Kunin's Cypress Club closed for business 2 weeks
ago. Tbe Buena Vista Cafe-decades old Wharf destination
and Lulu-Soma dotcommers lined up just a year ago-have
been closing early.Hawthorne Lane has empty tables even
with their bargain $25 prix fixe dinner menu.Mark
Franz's white tablecloth seafood emporium Farallon has
booths in the choice Pool Room unfilled Friday at 7PM.
Has the restaurant slump ended or are more casualties
to come? and who?

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  1. Unconfirmed rumor (from a waiter friend)that MC2 is soon-to-be DOA. He told me about Cypress Club a month or two ago.