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Jan 30, 2003 03:21 PM

Pretzels in Reading

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I remember reading an article in the NY Times, oh, about 25 years ago describing some wonderful small pretzel makers in Reading. I mentally filed it away as something worth checking out some time.

Does anyone know the current pretzel scene in Reading? I particularly remember one place that was described as a house with an ancient brick oven in the back, and the pretzels are sold only a few days a week. Does such a thing exist?

Or maybe I dreamed the whole thing.


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  1. When traveling in Reading (sales) in the late '60's, I too remember the pretzels. However, I do not believe the place is still in existence.
    There are several places (large) in the Amish country that produce pretzels.

    1. I believe Litiz is the place for pretzels. It's in Lancaster County, south of Reading.

      1. I have a friend who resides in Reading. I have just sent him an email.

        1. The Reading Soft Pretzel Bakery is at Minor Street and Bell Alley in Southwest Reading. It is everything you described and more. Go there just after 11 a.m (M-Sat) to get the last warm batch of the day. These pretzels put Philly soft pretzels to shame.
          While in Reading stop by Johnny and Hon's, a basic neighborhood bar on Kutztown Rd., for great Coney Island burgers and dogs or check out Augie's on Rockland St. for a REAL cheese steak that will make you forget about Pat's and Geno's real fast.

          1. Reading Pretzel Bakery is still going strong 8/28/2013. Yum!