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Nov 25, 2001 09:48 AM

cheap eats in Redwood City area

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I will be visiting in the Redwood City area during the month of December.
Looking for good eats at reasonable prices for me and my family.
We are highly restricted by the pathetic value of the Canadian dollar.
Hope to also find a place nearby to have barbeque. Only place I have ever had it was Bill's Barbeque in Richmond Virginia. It was fabulous.
Looking forward to some guidance from the mavens in the area.

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  1. The only dining experience I have in Redwood City is with Mexican food. There are about 10 restaurants all on one strip of Middlefield Rd. (I think that's the name of it--it's the main drag that runs parallel to El Camino Real, about half a mile to the east). I have been to two or three of them, and never been disappointed. Not much on ambiance, but the food is excellent. In particular, there is a seafood place up at the north end of the strip, on the east side of the street (Sirena Rosa, perhaps?). It's on the southeast corner of an intersection with a small side street. I recommend the seafood cocktail and any of the tacos. No one there speaks *any* English! There is also another place south of there, on the west side of the street, called something like Rincon Tarrasco. I had excellent enchiladas there. If you head down to Menlo Park (just south of Redwood City), there are some decent dining options there, too. Three Fish on El Camino Real has good seafood, and Juban on Santa Cruz Avenue is good for Japanese bar-be-que. The menu is actually pretty similar to what you'd find at a Korean bar-be-que place. Some of the dishes even have Korean names. When my wife (who's Korean-American) asked them if the food was Korean-inspired, they said "Of course not" then brought out the kim-chee. What can you say?
    Another decent spot is the Flea Street Cafe, on Alameda de las Pulgas in Menlo Park. Oh, and Toshi's in Menlo Park has excellent sushi. In particular, I like the Spanish mackerel (aji) sashimi. They also serve sake in the traditional wooden box, which is fun.

    As for the Canadian dollar, I feel for you. We just spent three weeks in Vancouver, eating out at all the best restaurants and enjoying paying in dollarettes!

    Also, I don't know how far afield you are willing to travel, but there are good, inexpensive ethnic restaurants all the way up and down El Camino Real, from Burlingame in the north to San Jose in the south.

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    1. re: JCooper

      Dollarettes. I love it. Yeah, Canada is a real bargain in comparison to home.

      Did you try out the C Restaurant down by the water in Vancouver. Incredible restaurant and the exchange rate actually made it an affordable gourmet experience.


      1. re: Peter Yee

        Unfortunately, we never made it to the C. It was one of the places we wented to go but we ran out of time. But we're probably going to head back up there sometime soon, so we'll have to check it out!

    2. Also, see the review of Fabbro's (never been) in today's Chronicle. Might be worth a try...

      1. Try Amelia's on Broadway, a terrific Salvadoran (I think)restaurant. The Pupusas are deeeelish. If you haven't tried them before, these are little disks of corn flour, stuffed with cheese and/or various other fillings, fried until crisp and melty. They're served with a spicy marinated cabbage salad that lightens up the greasy cheesy fun.

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          i second that choice - had a wonderful dinner there the other night, though i must say the pupusas are better at la bamba in mountain view.