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Dec 19, 2002 03:57 PM

Erie, PA 12/20

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We are staying Erie 12/20 and 12/26 or 27 passing through. Any suggestions for dinner. We are traveling so dress needs to be casual. Somewhere in the vicinity of the Days Inn.

Thanks, Candy

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  1. Randazzo's for pizza and peppperoni balls. Pittsburgh Inn for ox roast sandwiches, or check in the newspaper to see who's offering fried perch dinners. That's dining in Erie! Be sure to wash your food down with a Railbender Ale.

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      Wow, this thread came back from the dead!

      Even though it's way past useful for the OP, I'll second the pepperoni balls recommendation.

    2. I believe there's a Barbatos in that neighborhood. Casual Italian - good pizza, plus various pasta dishes, subs, etc. Nothing fancy, but tasty. I'm not sure of the exact location, but if you ask someone at the front desk of the hotel, they should be able to direct you. Barbatos (or maybe it's spelled Barbados...can't remember) is a pretty popular local establishment.

      I also have a "stay away" recommendation. Don't do Chinese in Erie. They're getting better, but for the most part, Chinese restaurants in the area still "dumb down" their dishes quite a bit for Erie's conservative palate.

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        I am happy to note that things have changed for the better in Erie, in terms of Chinese food. We tried two places : China Garden on Peach St and Fortune Garden on 26th St. The food was flavourful and balanced. A nice surprise, in fact.

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          I'm so happy that there are any hounds in Erie! My new favorite place is "rosa's legacy" on Brown in Erie. It's Dominican and fabulous. The fish sofrito is amazing, the rice and beens are rich and my friend ate her pork chops down to the bone! The sweet plantains were also a real treat. And the prices are reasonable. I can't wait to go back. Oh, and it's BYOB which is really cool too.

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            The garlic Salmon at Rosa's is Fabulous and also the the "Soups of chicken & Rice" which are more like chowder and so filling. The bread pudding is also some of the best I've had. They are only open Thurs-Saturday. After that you can go down the street to the Gelateria who has the best authentic Gelato in town, in the summer they have about 20 flavors!

      2. Dinner's a crapshoot, but if you're in town for breakfast, I'd suggest the Academy Dinor (2516 State St.). Had an excellent breakfast last year; get bumbleberry pie, a mixed fruit pie baked in house.