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Dec 5, 2002 08:36 AM

Rindelaub's Bakery Closed

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The Inquirer says that Rindelaub's Bakery on 18th Street closed last week. Oh how I'll miss the cupcakes, the soft spicy gingerbread mean, the moist muffins!


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  1. The chocolate layer cake, the buttercake.

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    1. re: Saucyknave
      Herbert Chan

      Thank goodness we can still get the German Chocolate cake at Park South.

      1. re: Herbert Chan

        And not to forget..they still have another shop open in the northeast part of Philly.
        7364 Frankford Ave
        Tried the German Chocolatye cake. Was as good as ever. They told me there that they still have the same bakers employed.

        1. re: EB

          Thanks for the info.

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      Andrew Fenton

      What a shame! One of our Thanksgiving guests brought a chocolate cake from Rindelaub's... must have been one of the last ones.

      1. Now is there any place to buy a Rindelaub's famous German chocolate cake? We used to get that every year for our birthday cake growing up. Does anyone have either the recipe for this or know where I can get a Rindelaub's famous German chocolate cake? I miss it! Thanks!

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        1. re: chesy

          Night Kitchen (IChestnut Hill and Doylestown) makes a German chocolate cake. I haven't tried it, but Night Kitchen does wonderful things.