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Nov 10, 2002 02:30 PM

Gettysburg, PA

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It looks like we are going to Gettysburg, PA for a couple of days. What are the best restaurants? Historic buildings are fine, but we don't really care all that much about atmosphere--what we hate mediocre or greasy food. I don't think we want to drive too far but would be interested in really good ethnic, PA Dutch, steakhouses, nouvelle--really, anything really good. Not to mention best places for breakfast, lunch, snacks. Maybe even a rec on where to buy food for picnics, if it's not too cold we might try. Thanks!

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  1. Did you ever find anywhere good? I' too am going to Gettysburg, actually in two days, and would like somewhere with good food of any kind. Your description of what you were looking for sounds right on for us. Let me know if you have any tips.

    1. We just got back from the Gettysburg area and had some great dinners. At the top of my list is Pomona. Its an amazing BYO about 15 mion from Gettysburg, great young chef, menu focused on local ingredients, wood burning oven that turns out amazing pizza and bread.

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        This has been on my list of new restaurants to try...what's the price range? Have heard many good things about the food -- I know the bread is to die for. Can you give me an idea of the menu selections?

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          The menu is very small, I recall three selections each of appetizer, pizza, entree, dessert. Every choice looked yummy though. My hubby and I shared one selection from each category and left full - we got an appetizer of wood fired mushrooms, fontina cheese, and blueberries (amazing!), a pizza with potatos, truffle oil and arugula (double amazing!), seared scallops with cauliflower puree (very good), and a take on milk and cookies with homemade fig newtons and a honeyed soup (cookied were great). Prices were very reasonable, I thimnk we spent around $50, including tip. It is BYO.

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            I'm glad they are making a name for themselves. I'm lucky and live 5 minutes away. People are always amazed that we have this tiny jewel tucked away. If you go for dinner, you should always call ahead and have some bread put away for you to take home.

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              JME90 - Did you ever make it to Pomoa's ?