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Oct 20, 2002 10:56 PM

littleneck vs middleneck clams-which are smaller?

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i have a friendly wager with a restaurant owner who is originally from long island and he told me middleneck clams are smaller than littleneck clams.I say this is not true.Can any chowhound out there tell me if i am right or wrong,and what cookbook or book on food i could use as an authoritative source to back up my contention that littlenecks are smaller than middlenecks,then come cherrystones.Thanks for the assistance.

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    Barb Cohan-Saavedra

    Hi, JB!
    Couldn't locate a definitive source (at least from the office - I'll check the home cookbook library later on to see if I can find something more authoritative). However, several commercial websites and an article from the NW Florida Daily News all support your position that the middleneck is larger. (The link template would take only one entry, so I'm listing the other websites here and you can copy and paste them into your browser.)

    Hope all is well.


    1. Hey I found a site for your to reference. I also work in an Italian restaurant and pizzeria in South West Florida, where we serve clams! Middle neck clams are larger than Little neck clams.

      Scroll down about midway and you will see a list of various Clams and their sizes!
      Prove him wrong!!! :P