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Sep 14, 2002 10:14 PM

duck deli bbq in

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Hi. My groom and I had the pleasure of eating at the duck deli bbq restaurant tonight. Having asked about the restaurant on this board, we got one response about it....lukewarm...but David said that he had only been there for lunch. Well, let me tell you about dinner.

The menu is pretty extensive....all the meats are smoked. They have ribs, chicken, turkey, prime rib tonight as a special, pulled pork, etc. They also have some pasta dishes. The amount of food on the plate is PLENTIFUL, but more important, it was quite good. THe ribs especially were great, and we are very critical of our ribs!! My chicken was a little dry. I probably wouldn't get the chicken again. I had onion rings and hush puppies with my chicken. The rings were huge and crisp and tasted really good, not oily. The hush puppies were equally delicious. Our friends got the prime rib....a huge piece of what he said was delicious.

The sauces on the chicken and ribs were the tomato-based sauce talked about in NC BBQ (Which is what they say they do). They also have a vinegar-based sauce that I tried as well...quite the kick to that one. One of our friends also got cole slaw and homemade mashed potatoes, which looked really good.

Desserts were homemade, but we didn't have room. They had three different kinds of cobblers, but we were told that the fruit is the canned kind so that they could be available year-round. The cheesecake was made on premises, and they have this brownie sundae thing with brownies made also in-house. We just ate too much to try dessert. Next time we'll judge the whole eyes/stomach thing better. The ribs, however, were so plentiful that my groom actually took some home for another meal.....that NEVER happens.

Prices were incredible. My quarter chicken platter with a lot of onion rings, a green salad and hushpuppies was something like $6.25. The prime rib was under $12.00 I believe, and the ribs were also very inexpensive. My chicken came with a choice of two side dishes that included all the usual sides and then some...cole slaw, potato salad, baked beans, marinated mushrooms, onion rings, mashed potatoes....

Our waitress was the manager's mom....very friendly and very available without being overbearing. Other customers were talking among the tables, and we had no problem leaning across the aisle to ask how another table's occupants were enjoying the food. That led to banter for awhile before we ordered. Such a friendly place...

Got there at 7:30, and had about a 10-minute wait, during which time we perused the menu and checked out their sauces for sale. (if you have a football lover in your family, they have their bbq sauce with labels on it from every team in the league). We were the last ones there...they obviously don't stay open too late...but we weren't rushed out even though they could have told us they were closing up.

Anyway, thought you should know. We'll be back to see if tonight was just a fluke. Something tells me it wasn't.

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  1. d
    David De Silva

    WOW! Look what I've been missing just because I didn't think my lunch was that great (which, btw, was a chicken sandwich). And to think this is 5 minutes from where I work I could kick myself. Those prices are incredible and, being a rib man myself, I'll have to check them out (I would go for the vinegar-based sauce which seems to be a more Texan thang but I like a good kick).

    Thanks for the great and detailed review. We have gotten ribs for dinner in the area where I live (Lansdale) and have usually been disappointed and shocked at the prices. It's good to know there is an inexpensive place I can take the family for some good BBQ!

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    1. re: David De Silva

      let me know what you think when you go. We'll be back as well.

      1. re: lani

        It seems to me that I recall that this place is related to the duck deli in Duck NC on the Outer banks, strangly i have been to duck deli in NC but not the one in Lansdale, I do know that thw one in NC makes cheese steaks that are the closest thing to Phila that i ever found on Outer Banks

      2. re: David De Silva

        Dropped by for dinner this evening, I agree with everything except the bbq, if you're a hardcore bbq person I think you'll be dissapointed, had the sampler (ribs, pulled pork & wings) not well smoked or slow cooked long enough.

        Also had the crab cake which even though had a decent amount of filler actually tasted and smelt pretty darn good.

        Oh well back to the usual suspects for ribs, was hoping I would find something closer to home.

        1. re: B

          The Duck Deli is one of my favorites in this area, too-- ~LOVE~ the hushpuppies! It's located on Route 202 on the outskirts of Doylestown, near Delaware Valley College. Their address is: Duck Deli, 524 East Butler Avenue (Rte. 202), Doylestown, PA 18901, (267) 880-1190. If you're coming north on Rte. 202, you'll see a 7-11 on the corner of 202 and Upper State Road on your right. The Duck Deli is the next building you should see on the right. It's across the street from the John Knoell's Factory Outlet.

          1. re: Sandi H.

            We stopped in for dinner Friday night and I thought it was excellent. I had the 4-rib dinner (big ribs, I actually took one home) and my husband ate the pulled sampler. We also had ds8 along and our bill with tip was around $30.

            I loved the sauce...usually barbecue sauces are too sweet for me, and this one was perfect.

        2. That's interesting - Duck Deli is one of my favs on the OBX. They have very good food, and good hush puppies. Mostly, you can get a huge meal for not a lot of money for being in a resort town.

          PA is lacking big time in good, real, BBQ places. I fear that most of us Yanks think Smokey Bones is the best there is. Ick.

          1. Make a trip to Sweet Lucy's Smokehouse in Northeast Philly. Best BBQ in the Delaware Valley, hands down. You'll think differently about Duck Deli (which I've tried three times, both Chalfont and Outer Banks.....I don't get it, it's terrible!).

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            1. re: G Goo

              Thanks for the tip - I'll give it a shot when I get a chance.
              I'd say Hess's in Lancaster is better than DD as well.

            2. How in the world could a place that uses canned fruit for its cobblers be trusted with anything? Frozen fruit I could see, but CANNED? I'm skeptical of the rest of it because of that.