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Nov 15, 2001 07:43 PM

Looking for Houndworthy gnocchi in the City

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So my latest thing has been making my own gnocchi from scratch...a process far more gordian than I anticipated. Seems like one of those things that requires a great deal of practice and/or an Italian grandparent.

I'd love to sample some gnocchi in San Francisco that the learned and discerning hounds have found see what I'm really shooting for, you know?

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  1. Da Flora's sweet potato gnocchi - no question about it!

    1. I like the simple gnocci with gorgonzola sauce at Mangia Tutti, on Clay just above Montgomery in the financial district.

      1. Zuni usually has a delicious ricotta gnocchi on their menu. Very tender and slathered in butter. I think that technically their version should be call ravioli gnudi.

        In my own gnocchi-making endeavors I have found that baking the potatoes, rather than boiling gets me better results.