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Nov 15, 2001 02:27 PM

Cuban in Oakland/Berkeley?

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So who does good traditional Cuban food in Oakland or Berkeley? NOT Nuevo Latino, but the real thing - roast pork w/ white rice and black beans with yuca and fried plantains and enough garlic to choke a caballo and guanabana batidos, that sort of thing. Fruitilandia on 24th in SF is pretty darn good, but I'm looking for something a little closer to home. I used to live within biking distance of Versailles in LA, which kind of spoiled me. Any help?

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  1. I don't know the answer, and would like to, and also I'd like to ask where a Cuban or Caribbean market is in the East Bay, preferably near Berkeley. I would like to be able to get yerbabuena and guarapo for mojitos. Alternatively, are there any Asian markets that sell sugarcane juice, which would presumably be an acceptable alternative to Cuban guarapo?

    1. Moved here from Miami...where I could go to the Versailles (Ver-cy-yes) on Calle Ocho. *sigh* Are they related you think? Must be...

      1. Does Fruitilandia make good Cuban sandwiches? If so, which ones are recommended?