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Nov 15, 2001 02:40 AM

"Krispy Kreme" Opens In Daley City!

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For those who care, its' address is 1575 Sullivan. It's just off I-280.... From S.F. take 280 South, take the Eastmoor ave./Mission exit. Turn right on Sullivan Ave. and go back North about 700 ft. Enjoy!

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  1. Get 'em while they're hot. Otherwise, it's just another donut.

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    1. re: brian

      Actually, 15 seconds in the microwave did a reasonable job of reviving a Krispy Kreme I had yesterday. Still not my favorite donut, but better than Safeway's!


      1. re: Peter Yee

        Interesting tip! I wonder if it would make better donuts (from some of the places mentioned on this list) take on the only redeeming quality of Krispy Kreme...warm freshness! Worth a try I think.Again Thanks!

      2. re: brian

        I totally agree! If that red light is not on...."fuhget about it!"

        1. re: brian

          According to Krispy Kreme their HOT sign is on from 5:30 - 11am and then again in the late afternoon/evening from 5:30 -11pm. this is for the original glazed only ( the ones they do best ) I don't know how rigid they are about keeping this schedule but it's a general guideline. don't eat too many.

        2. If they open in SF, remind me to sell all my shares in Western Civilization. ;-)

          1. m
            Marc Schoenfeld

            How are the crowds? I'm in SF, and that's not too far to go, but still don't want to wait a long time, even for this fine delicacy. Also, I'm not sure about the hours. Are all KKs open 24 hours? Thanks.