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Nov 14, 2001 04:17 PM

Champagne Tasting

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I noticed that Eos is doing Champagne tastings every Wednesday in December again this year. It got me to thinking, because I am always eager to study the bubbly, who else is doing champagne tastings? Any leads, my oh so knowledgeable chowhounds?

And if I can find a suitable venue, would anyone be interested in joining in on such an endeavor?


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  1. Rochelle -

    I was just at Amphora's Spanish tasting on Monday... they are doing a Champagne tasting in December (I want to say the 17th, but it might be the 10th...)

    It was a nice tasting held at Absinthe. Very knowledgeable "moderators", but I wouldn't quite say they were "enigmatic"... Fun, nonetheless, and educational.

    Bonus: They give you a 10% discount after the tasting, and Amphora stays open late. I would link to their site, but it's hopelessly out of date.

    Phone: 415-863-1104

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      Brandon Nelson

      Go tasting in Carneros...

      My second date with Tanya (soon to be Mrs. Nelson) was winetasting close to my parents home.. She doesn't favor heady red wine, so this was perfect. We went to Artesa (formerly Cordonui), Carneros Creek, and Domaine Carneros. Carneros Creek doesn't produce sparkling wine, but the other 2 do. Gloria Ferrer is only 20 minutes away. Thats a nice sampling of California "champagne".


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        This weekend would be an excellent time to visit Carneros (Nov. 17 & 18). the wineries are having their annual holiday open house events.

      2. This is hardly a "tasting", but something bubblyheads should know of. D&M Liqours of SF (a virtual mecca for Champagne lovers) has a club that send you 2-3 bottles of interesting, usually small domain Champagnes every other month. Often times, the selections have never before been imported to the US. The combined cost of the bottles is never more than $90, and if you live in SF, you can likely arrange to pick your package up and save the shipping. Each assortment comes with a detail description of the domaine and the bottle itself. Thus far, we've been very pleased with the quality of the offerings. We've also had great luck with the seasonal specials that they've offered. Get ahold of one of their catalogs and see what I'm talking about!

        1. In case you find yourself on the peninsula, Vin, Vino, Wine (aka VVW) in mid-town Palo Alto on California Ave has many Champagne flight tastings coming up featuring vintage and non-vintage offerings from Billecart-Salmon, Bollinger, Paul Bara, J. Lassalle, and Veuve Clicquot among others.

          Nothing online but they can be reached at 650-324-4903.