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Aug 9, 2002 10:25 AM


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I would appreciate any information about the Accomac Inn. How do chowhounds rate it? Thanks, Mabel

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  1. Was last there about a year ago and I think it's the best in the area.

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    1. re: BBK

      where is the accomac inn?

      1. re: BRLA

        A little south and east of Harrisburg.

        1. re: MABEL

          it sits on a hill overlooking the Susquehanna river, it is near the town of Wrightsville in York co.just across the river from Columbia and Marietta in lancaster co

    2. Wonderful food. Beautiful setting. Last couple of times I was there, and to be fair have not been there in 2002 at all, service was approaching attitude usually reserved for NYC. I hope that has changed

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        1. We have been there several times, and would recommend it highly. Food, setting, ambience; all first class! We live in the Unionville area, and it is only a bit over an hour away, and worth the trip for those a bit tired of our local offerings.

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