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Nov 13, 2001 05:38 PM

awesome goat cheese

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Sf Farmers' Market, Saturdays. Redhill Farms and Bodega Bay make some amazing goat cheeses. But this week I found a lady near the southwest corner of the market with only two cheeses, a decent feta, and a hard cheese called "Capricious cheese". It's awesome. I'm addicted, eating some twice daily since Saturday, probably my favorite new food item for the month.

Anyone else tried this or know any other local goat cheeses to seek out?

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  1. Have you tried Cowgirl Creamery? They are affiliated (or maybe even synonymous) with Artisan Cheese near Fillmore. Really great people...and great cheese! All locally produced with an incredible focus on the quality of ingredients.

    I'm pretty sure they usually have a stand up at the Saturday market as well.

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      Cowgirl Creamery is great but they don't make any goat cheeses. At least yet. Their Red Hawk, soft-ripened, sticky washed rind cheese is, imho, their best yet. But it is 100% organic Straus cow's milk.

      My favorite *new* local goat cheese is Redwood Hill's Bucheret. Basically it's a mini aged Bucheron. yum.

    2. Last weekend I was served some Harley Farms ladled goat cheese on a salad of mixed greens heavy on the pepper cress. The combo of the fresh as can be cheese with the peppery greens was a taste sensation. The goat cheese comes in a small tub and is soft and spoonable. Harley Farms was formerly Sea Stars and has moved to Pescadero.

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        Ah yes, Hartley Farms, that's actually the only local goat cheese that I can get down here in Santa Cruz at the Farmers Market. They teased me once by offering aged crottins, then stopped making them immediately. I was crushed! Godd fresh chevre at any rate. This is a great time of year to serve it in a salad of Frisee with Roasted Butternut Squash and Pomegranate seeds. Yum, yum.

      2. I think you're talking about Bodega Goat Cheese. They do make fantastic cheeses. These cheeses are made in the Peruvian style according to their website. Here's the link for more info:


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          no, I mentioned Bodega as an old favorite. Yes, their Peruvian style cheeses are wonderful, and their "natilla" is a must for any fans of "Nutella" (disgusting). Bodega is usually over by the Hog Island Oysters guys, northeast corner of the market.

          My new fave is apparantly called "Capricious Cheese", their website appears to be under construction:

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          Snoop Kitty Cat

          Humboldt Fog is great. I don't know the producer but it's local. It's available at Whole Paycheck, I mean Foods, and I've seen it at a few other specialty shops. It goes fast in a crowd.

          1. I've yet to try that hard cheese, but will certainly look out for it. On a recent trip to Sonoma, I visited a small producer called "Andante Dairy", it's actually a one person operation run by a woman Soyung Scanlan who's a bio chemist in SF. Really great and distinctive cheeses. I'm particularly fond of the "Melange" and "Figaro" which is aged in fig leaves. I caution that many times when I've found it in stores (Oakville Grocery and W.F. carry it) the crotins have been really ripe. Somtimes this is interesting, sometimes just plain strange. None the less, look for a firm chunk and give it a try.

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              "Andante Dairy" and Soyung Scanlan were featured in an article in the Sunday Chronicle magazine section. I hope the poor woman can actually make money at it, because her cheese sounds wonderful.