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Good Egg Nog?

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Does anybody have any recommendations for good egg nog?

Personally, I try and find the Alta Dena brand but it's fairly difficult to find. So, I'm usually left with something passable. My ideal egg nog is one that is fairly spicy but not too thick & "goopy".

Have at it Chowhounds!

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  1. Recent press release stated that Straus Dairy plans to release an organic egg nog at several fine bay area grocery stores. I remember Andronicos being one. One proviso was the warning that the nog would NOT be yellow, because they add no turmeric, being unable to find an organic source for same.

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      The Strauss Dairy Egg Nog is disappointing: thin, timid flavor. Organic but not orgasmic.


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        Damn. I was hoping Straus would come through. I used to know Michael Straus several years ago and was always pestering him about making a chocolate milk. He said they could never find an organic chocolate that tasted good. Guess the Egg Nog went the same route. Too bad. Their regular milk and their non-cultured buttermilk are awesome.

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          My mom always used to make eggnog for us kids (the non-alcoholic kind is made with eggs, milk, sugar, nutmeg and vanilla only--basically a flavored milk) and I can tell you that it doesn't resemble the commercial product we find in the supermarket in the slightest. I suspect it is very much like the organic one described here, thin and delicately flavored.

          The eggnog sold in the store is designed to resemble the alcoholic type, thus, artificial flavors to substitute for rum/brandy/whisky, artificial colors to substitute for egg yolks, and thickeners and emulsifiers to substitute for whipped egg yolks and cream. To me, commercial eggnog is unnaturally colored and thickened, and full of bad-tasting strong artificial flavors.

          If that's the product you're used to, though, you'd better go for the homemade alcoholic one, with whipped cream, lots of egg yolk and multiple liquors.

      2. I like White Wave's Silk Nog, which is made with soy and surprisingly good, as well as being far better for you than traditional egg nog. Add a healthy dose of brandy and some cinnamon and nutmeg on top and you are well on your way.

        You should be able to find Silk Nog at Rainbow.

        If you insist on artery-clogging goodness, it's not very hard to make egg nog and homemade tastes way better than anything you can buy.

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          michael (mea culpa)

          10 or 15 years ago, I went to a holiday party at which the hostess's homemade egg nog was served. It was fantastic. Like so many other things, we get used to the imitation and confuse it with the real thing. I'm telling you: no comparison. Granted, it was unbelievably rich and all that implies calorically, but it was worth it. I don't have a recipe but it would be worth asking for one here as opposed to just some commercial blend.

          1. I actually like the Berkeley Farms one! I drop a couple of ice cubes in each cup and it's pretty refreshing. =)

            1. Mitchell's Ice Cream in San Francisco (688 San Jose Ave. near 29th St.) makes a wonderful eggnog. They only sell it at the shop.

              1. Bud's isn't bad, but I'm sorry to say I have to agree with the folks who say nothing compares with homemade. Lots of cream, lots of egg yolks, whipped egg whites...also, I've found that the best egg nog includes at least two and preferably three different liquors (rum, brandy, and bourbon is ideal)--of course that means one hell of a hangover if you drink too much of it.

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                  And if you're not careful, it's WAY easy to drink too much of it.

                2. Some of you may cringe at this, but here is my "egg nog" recipe ... I made it one year, and have been begged to make it every year since ... quick and easy, and esp. good for people who don't really care for the 'eggy' part of egg nog.

                  1/2 gallon of the best vanilla ice cream you can afford
                  1/2 gallon of vitamin d milk (more or less - use your best judgement)
                  bourbon and brandy to taste
                  fresh nutmeg

                  just mix it all together - it does that frothy thing just like egg nog - put it in a punch bowl - basically an alcoholic milkshake ... delicious.

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                    Snoop Kitty Cat

                    By all means try Mitchell's. You may not have to go to the shop to get it; in my 'hood -- Glen Park -- there's a cafe that serves their ice cream. The Village Cellar, owned by the cafe owner, carries the nog in season. It may be just becuase she has a relationship with Mitchell's. You can call them (648-2300) to see where else it may be distributed. Cheers!

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                      hey snoop.....nice handle you got for yourself.