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Citizen Cake's brownie heaven

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oh my goodness, has anyone else experience this bit of heaven? our friends have been raving about this for months, and we finally went with them to citizen cake for dessert. had a warm smore brownie (made with scharfenberger chocolate, as are, i think, all of their chocolate concoctions), a peanut butter blondie, and two scoops of ice cream - one mint chocolate and one chocolate malt.

well, the smore brownie was simply melt in your mouth amazing. the chocolate was oozy, a bit on the strong and bitter side (which is good, mind you), much like a valhrona-chocolate-lava-kinda-cake you can find at many top-notch expensive places. the brownie inlcudes bits of graham cracker that give it some texture more than anything, as well as their home-made marshmallow baked right in on the top, browned to a crisp. wow. that's about all i can say. our friends main complaint with it is that the chocolate is so strong that it gives them nightmares (not "help i can't escape the chocolate" type nightmares, but just nightmares in general)!!!

the blondie was also fabulous, with a nice rich peanut butter flavor. and the ice cream - i have never had a mint ice cream that tasted like this - the flavor of mint leaves was incredibly strong and true, and the chocolate was thinly shaved rather than clunky and in the way. a great experience. the chocolate malt ice cream was good, but a bit too strong and bitter in my book, which seemed to dull out the flavor somehow.

on the way out, we sampled their pear sorbet to refresh the palate, and it was superb as well. can't wait to get back to citizen cake - anyone have any other stories? i hear their "real food" is good too.

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    Zach Georgopoulos

    "anyone have any other stories? i hear their "real food" is good too"

    I think you've said it all when it comes to their desserts! I've been buying cakes for any occasion I can think of there ever since they moved to Gough St. (just down the street from me!) As for real food, I've had breakfast/brunch there -- excellent, but you need to be aware that you have to order several dishes -- no one dish seemed to really be enough for a full breakfast. I recall an extremely juicy sausage...