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Jul 16, 2002 08:20 PM

Pennsylvania Hot Dog brands

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I'm from N.J. where trying the many different hot dog joints and types of hot dogs is sort of a hobby of mine. Recently, I was in Adamstown for a beer festival. I picked up two packages of hot dogs; Berk's and Kunzler all beef. The all beef was ok; not the spicy, kosher style frank that you would find in the N.Y./N.J. area. The Berks beef and pork dog was pretty good. In fact, this dog is served deep fried with pickles, yellow mustard and onions at a place in Philipsburg, N.J. called Toby's Cup. A great dog, and one of my favorites.

Where I live, (Union, N.J.) my local supermarket just started carrying a Penn dog that is the best I've had with the exception of Usinger's Angus Frank(Milwaukee).It is Dietz and Watson's New York Style Beef Wiener. I cooked it on a griddle next to Sabrett's, Grote & Weigel all beef, and Nathan's. All of these dogs were all beef, natural casing, 8 to a lb. The Dietz and Watson frank was similar to the Sabrett (a popular dog around here and the supplier for Katz's Deli, Papaya King and Gray's Papaya) but a little better. I was a little surprised. This dog is sold in the gourmet meat section and I paid $4.99 a lb. And that was on sale.

The unusual thing about this hot dog was that it cooked up real fast on the griddle and left a lot of grease and residue. Are any of you familiar with this brand, and do you have any idea why it cooks so quickly and leaves a lot of grease? It is a flavorfull and quality dog. What do you think of these brands? What about Hatfield's? I've never tried this brand, but heard it is a mixture of beef, pork, and turkey. Your comments welcome.

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  1. Two Philadelphians I know who are PhDs (Purveyors of Hot Dogs) wouldn't think of selling anything other than Dietz & Watson all beefs. We're talking the standard beef ones, not the natural casing "crunchdogs" I prefer.

    BTW, for takeout chowing tips on dogs, check out Holly Moore's pages. Talk about the skinny on dogs, although he hasn't been to Detroit to report on their Coneys.


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      If you like natural casing dogs, have you ever tried Smith's? They're a brand my family used to get when I was growing up in Erie. Really yummy.

    2. I don't consider Hatfields to be any better or worse than any other hot dog, ie Oscar Meyer. Their other tube products (kielbasa, smoked Italian, fresh Italian, etc) are better.

      Another local brand to avoid is Hazle Park. Yuck.


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        Bride of the Juggler

        Funny, we were just driving through Phillipsburgh and I saw Toby's Cup and said, "I bet that cute little place has good stuff." Perhaps I'm developing a Chowhound instinct? We will definitely check it out next time we drive past. Is there anything else in Phillipsburgh or Easton worth stopping for? Thank you.

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          That "cute little place" is a not all that cute at less than 50 mph, but the dogs are great. Fried. Served Easton PA style with a slice of dill on top. Definitely worth a stop.

          There's a place in Easton, Jimmy's which while in relatively new digs, has a lot of history. Similar hot dogs, but grilled. 25th Street exit, in the shopping center by the same name. Easy to miss.

          Holly Moore