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Nov 12, 2001 03:36 PM

Hana Sushi, any experiences?

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Has anyone been to Hana Sushi in Rohnert Park, and if so, what did you think? I am debating whether to make the trip up there and would love to hear something about the place first.

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  1. Here's an older post from Brandon.


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      Brandon Nelson

      No new takes beyond that link...

      I used to date a girl that lived in R.P. she was a definite chowhound, and knew her sushi and sake. She dug Hana. It was the only place that stocked her favorite sake.


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        I haven't eaten there yet, but on Monday I met a huge Hana Sushi fan. He says he's been eating there for years and LOVES it. And he told me this while we were all eating just okay sushi in Santa Rosa. I'm looking forward to checking it out.

        1. re: Carrie

          For the most part, the sushi fish is good quality, but the handling and technique doesn't live up to the prices here. Has anyone tried the cooked dishes?

          My post from last year on Hana Sushi -

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            What's your favorite sushi place in Sonoma County??

            1. re: Carrie

              Shogun in Montgomery Village AND Osake !

              1. re: PastaFace123

                We were totally unimpressed with Osake -- that's the place I was talking about above, where we were eating just okay sushi. And Gary Cho was the one working the sushi bar and serving us! Most disappointing.

                I'll have to check out Shogun though. Thanks for the recomendation!

      2. Hana is wonderful. I've been there several times and have never been disappointed.

        1. Had lunch there yesterday and was underwhelmed. The fish was fresh but lacked that vividness that one would expect in top notch sushi. The Nigiri were on the small side too.

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          1. re: Rich

            Couldn't agree more with Rich. I was in SF on Tuesday June 5, 2007 and decided to go for some sushi and I was very underwhelmed by Hana Zen.

            The Shitake yakitori was decent but not memorable. The asparagus had a unique presentation and was good.

            We ordered a few rolls - and the Nigiri is definitely on the small side for the price - and while the fish was fresh it completely failed to tantalize the taste buds. I would describe it like drinking water, it satisfies a need or urge but has no wow factor.

            Presentation wise, the asparagus was unique but otherwise everything else was pretty much run of the mill. Places which charge half their prices are in the same presentation league as Hana Zen.

            Service was barely passable that day. Ordered a Saporo which arrived five minutes later which I can not understand as the place was not packed and there were perhaps six couples seated. Same goes for the tea, ordered tea - extra charge of $4.50 - and it took the waiter at least five minutes to bring it to the table.

            Big negative was that they had dirty dishes sitting in bins on the floor by their waiter stations which they kept rearranging for more space instead of clearing it.

            Would not recommend the place or visit it again. Total damage was ~$100 for four Nigiri rolls, two yakitori, one Saporo, one tea and one warm sake.

          2. The owner of Hana is a partner at Go Fish! which opened in St. Helena. He has grabbed up most of the great sushi chefs in the north bay to work shifts at both places.
            Hana had been a refuge (Sushi Ran too far and too crowded), and I drop in at the sushi bar at Go Fish for lunch. Good fresh fish.

            Part of the experience at sushi bars is the development of rapport with the chefs behind the counter - which is tough when they cycle through...