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Jun 7, 2002 12:36 AM

Harrisburg area hoagies - where's a good roll besides Jackson House

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I have lived in the White Bread Capital of the World too darn long. Could somebody please tell me where I can get a decent sub? The Jackson House is great, but it only serves lunch. They have great Italian meats and have real, never-frozen steak in their cheesesteaks, which you can get any way you want. Sandwich Man has OK rolls, but it is out of the way - both of them. Besides, they don't do a cheesesteak. Naples in Steelton is OK too, but I'm really looking for an all-day Jackson House type place. Do NOT send me to the Spot. Once is enough. Santos....their sausage sub is good, but their wings were deplorable...even a month ago when they were made (Paxton St). Back to Jackson House. They have huge burgers (fresh) - toppings are wierd, though; Great cheese fries, Turkey subs (add Provolone & Genoa for a real taste treat). They put the lettuce next to the roll though - they do that at the Sandwich Man too. Is that a WBCW trait? Weird. Oh well.

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  1. I've become rather fond of the hoagies done by the Philly Sub shop on the west shore at Sheeley Lane and Simpson Ferry Rd. That one only, though. The hours are all right, but as we're living in Harrisburg, it is inconvenient.

    Thanks for the tip about the Jackson House. Sounds like a plan for the beginning of next week.

    When you mention the Sandwich Man, I assume you're talking about the one out the Jonestown Road. I've found the downtown one doesn't get the job done.

    Many, many years ago, I worked at the Hoagie Shop in Chambersburg. The couple that ran it (Shorty and Betty Bricker) came from Reading, and understood the hoagie thing. They had their rolls specially baked by a small bakery in Chambersburg. Alas, all long gone.

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      Sorrentos on Derry is pretty darn good!

    2. It might be easier to move!

      1. Is Jackson House still good for lunch? We are renovating houses in Harrisburg and are getting sick of our lunches. Very highly rated on Yelp I think but I wanted a 'hound's opinion.

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          Still very good. Be sure to bring cash, and be aware the place gets packed during lunch. If you go after 1:00 most people will have come and gone by then. But do not wait too long - I think they turn the grill off at 1:30 or 1:45.

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            Thanks for the info. Just found out lunch is M-F only so unless we are still working on these god forsaken houses once winter break comes around, I won't be eating there anytime soon :(