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Nov 9, 2001 12:31 PM

baklava on FoodTV

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I saw a FoodTV show (Best Of, I think) a few weeks ago where they talked about an Armenian bakery in SF that is supposedly one of the last places around where they make phyllo dough by hand, stretching out each layer over an enormous table. Of course, I promptly forgot the name of the bakery. Anyone heard of such a thing?

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    1. re: Melanie Wong

      Permanently? How frustrating!

      1. re: JCooper
        Melanie Wong

        They'd been looking for a buyer...maybe you'd like to try your hand at phyllo-making? (g)

        1. re: Melanie Wong

          Phyllo dough is one of those laminated doughs that is actually fairly easy to make but it's difficult to handle. No thanks

    2. Many, many years ago, my wife made baklava by hand, making a dough quite similar to strudel dough. It was with sliced almonds, and while not identical to the filo type, was quite good. I noticed with my KitchenAid pasta rollers, you can get the thinness of the dough to unbelievable dimensions. Soon, I will try making filo and report back.

      1. The best baklava in North America is made by a bakery in Montreal, Quebec, at Mahrousse (sp?), a store run by a Syrian immigrant whose family has been in the bakalva business for three centuries. Nothing else I've tried comes close.

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        1. re: garçon

          Thanks a if we can just get to Montreal...

          1. re: Jim H.

            Well, if you can, it's worth it. It's just about the best food city in the world. I didn't know about the baklava, but I've had too many fantastic meals there to count!

            1. re: JCooper

              Sad to say the place they spoke of was Scherazade, but the old man who was the baker retired and he said his family didn't want to learn to make the phyllo, so the shop is gone.

              There is a place near 16th and taraval that carries fresh phyllo though, it's a deli, right on the corner..

              1. re: Janet

                Thank you, thank you, thank you for finding another place to get fresh filo! There's absolutely no comparison between the fresh silken filo leaves and the dry crumbly frozen stuff. I'm heading over to this deli as soon as possible.

                1. re: Janet

                  The Best Baklava in the world is made by a bakery in Sterling Heights, Michigan. Tha name is Mid-East Pastry Delights..They ship worlwide..Call 411 for the number.