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May 15, 2002 01:06 PM

Central PA

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I don't mean to be a pest, but what's up with you folks? I have asked a few times for some recommendations for cheap ethnic places in the area but I guess you all must be eating at fast food places and chains. Help please! Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Ethiopian, etc.

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  1. Rothko, we don't have many central-PA hounds at present. But the best way to attract them is to post stuff. Lots of stuff. And have chowhound friends post stuff. That way, when serious local hounds blow through, they'll have what to read and respond to and dig into (and accumulate). It's about attaining critical mass. It takes hounds to get hounds!

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      Thanks for your help. I grew up in Central PA and have lived in some serious chowhounding places. I'll be visiting for the first time in years and wanted some help. I'll post when I can. Does anyone know about the Indonesian place in Chambersburg called Oki International?

      1. re: Rothko

        Define "Central Pennsylvania". Chambersburg is NOT in Central Pennsylvania by my definition. South Central perhaps.

        1. re: Ned

          Watch out for ethnic food in these parts they like it gloopy and sweet, actually more bland. I kept trying Chinese places, well recommended, thinking there was some mistake. They like it that way!

    2. I have seen your post before, and the reason you did not recieve any responses is because there is no good food in Central,PA.

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        Whoa, that is certainly not true! Central Pa might not be a Chowhounder's paradise, but it isn't a culinary wasteland either. There has been an explosion of ethnic eateries in the Harrisburg area over the last few years, some of it quite good. My favorites: Passage to India on Front Street downtown, Pakha's Thai house on Route 15 in Dillsburg, Cedar's Lebanese on Market St. in Camp Hill and Garden Vietnamese on Reily St in midtown Harrisburg.

        1. re: xnumberoneson

          Agree with xnumberoneson, this isn't the first response claiming that "there is no good food in Central, PA". Such a blanket generalization does not do justice to the many people who are cooking/eating great food there.

      2. I'm new here and I currently reside in Hanover, Pa. Theres a sushi place called the Full Moon here that is great. I highly recommend.

        1. Yeah, if you could narrow down what you define as Central PA (does CENTRE County count?), people might be able to give you suggestions. I would not, however, expect much -- living in Central PA myself. That's what wkend trips to the city are for ;-P

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            I agree, if you look at a map, State College (Centre County) is central Pa.

          2. Could you be a little more specific in terms of location? "Central PA" is pretty vague and could infer lots of different places. If you are including the Lancaster area, I could be of some help. But, if you are referring to the State College area, I can't help.


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            1. re: sballard

              North cental PA here, good luck findinf anything good....unless you like scapple and dippy

              1. re: ShadeMountainMan

                lewisburg has some decent stuff... dunno if that's anywhere near you... (you up in forest county? ;-) )