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Nov 8, 2001 08:02 PM

Chaz in SF

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Ate here with 37 other people at a neighborhood dinner: Good, if slightly salty on top, mixed green (and red!) salad; very good baguettes; excellent juicy-but-done chicken breast for one choice and what was variously described as red snapper and seabass (!), beautifully cooked, topped with julienned fennel and set on tart semi-dried tomatoes and greens. Didn't taste the gnocchi vegetarian selection. Everyone seemed to love the caramel ice cream-topped chocolate mousse.

$10 corkage but a bit hard to find anything under $30+ on the wine list.

This was not primarily a food-crowd, but both types were enthusiastic about the meal.

Chef/owner Charles Solomon is, in my opinion, remarkably gifted and deserves to succeed at his somewhat unfortunaetly located Fillmore/Chestnut location.(A crummy block and, of course, iffy parking at best.)

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  1. Chaz is a favorite of mine too! I persuaded Solomon to do a tasting menu with matching wines by the glass - with something like 6 or 7 courses - it came to a steal at 65 dollars a person. (where is the dollar sign on this french keyboard?)

    The desserts are all made to order and have all been great in my experience.

    I go there as a getaway from the fancy dining scene for something good and reliable.