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Apr 20, 2002 06:35 PM

norristown restaurants/bars

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Hi there,

Anyone out there know if Norristown is known for any good restaurants or bars or any specific kind of cuisine?

I'm a reporter who covers the courthouse in the city and am interested in how folks there seem to think there isn't much worth patronizing there and don't hang out after work as much as they used to.

Please let me know if you have any thoughts or suggestions.

Gaiutra Bahadur

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    Jan Klincewicz

    Norriston is home to a few very Authentic Mexican taquerias Michuacan,El Maguey, and Mexico Lindo. Aside from those, I can't think of anything to commed Norristown.

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      David De Silva

      Though I have not eaten there, I have heard that August Moon (300 E. Main St.) serves good Japanese-Korean food. Also, the Jefferson House on Germantown Pike in East Norriton serves good continental fare in a lovely mansion set on picturesque grounds.

      1. re: David De Silva

        The Jefferson House had a severe fire a few months ago and I do not believe they have reopened yet. It's really a suburban restaurant and not in any way a "Norristown" restaurant. I'm afraid there is not really much to recommend in Norristown.

    2. I must concur with the others impressions of the lack of quality in the Norristown chow scene, and I'll go the step further to say that even August Moon fails to impress. While I work in the courthouse, I will make the 15 minute drive to Sushikazu in Center Square rather take the 5 minute walk to AM.

      I'll heartily recommend the Taqueria Michoacana across the street from AM as a great lunch spot.

      As to after-work bars, I don't think I'm alone in my aversion to sticking around in Norristown much after dark... that and the fact that the County's garage where I park closes at 6... Even right around the courthouse, I'd not feel comfortable leaving my car on the street if there were a decent bar to go grab a drink after work... which makes the hop across the bridge to the unexciting offerings of K of P a more appealing option.

      Any budding restauranteurs should think about adding to the Norristown lunch scene, as it is desperately needy... leave the afternoon and evening until a later time when/if it ever gentrifies.

      1. I live in Norristown and I would have to agree, the Mexican places are very good but that is about it. I have had mixed luck at Giacamos, it has always been good but not always excellent. In the area there is Korea Garden in Blue Bell that does the real thing, with the table top cooking (Boulgokie, etc.), VERY COOL PLACE!