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Apr 12, 2002 06:20 PM

Chowhound finds near Swarthmore?

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Okay, now I need help from the Chowhownds in the Western 'burbs.

We have tix for a concert at Swarthmore College tomorrow (Sat.) nite at 8pm. Since we're driving out that way from Center City I thought there might be a "find" we should know about and maybe catch an early bite.

Want casual and, unless BYOB, we probably won't drink. So is there a casual place (even a great pizza place) I should know about?


Steve (who stopped by Overtures tonight and shared the recent posting from Andrew with the staff. They were real pleased. Will discuss further with Peter about a possible DDC Dinner.)

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  1. you could try village porch bistro in springfield.
    1178 baltimore pike. 610.544.3220
    i want more info about it.

    there's a few in upper darby, sol del peru and alisa.
    the former peruvian, the latter french-thai, so i'm told. wouldn't mind more info on them as well.
    610.352.1232, 57 garrett rd., sol del peru
    610.352.4402, 109 fairfield ave, alisa

    iron hill brewery has a place in media.

    been to their west chester one, didn't think the beer was special, but it's a place i'd give a second chance as far as food.

    don't know nearly enough about the nether regions out west, so report back on good and bad.

    1. d
      David De Silva

      Hate to say it but tough area for good food. Nothing really near the Springfield Mall area as far as I know. Herb's suggestion of Sol del Peru is a good one but it is near the 69th St. bus terminal, very far from Swarthmore (in more ways than one). The food is very good and very cheap. The owner is very friendly and speaks little English. Lots of meat and carbos and all for around $7.95 an entree.

      Alisa Cafe is a white table cloth French-Thai around the block. Good food but much more expensive. In Havertown (somewhat closer to Swarthmore) are Carmine's for good Cajun-Creole and Nais Cuisine for good Thai.

      On Baltimore Pike in Clifton Heights (ah beautiful Clifton Heights...) heading out towards Swarthmore is La Campagna which serves good Italian food. Good luck, that area is kinda a chowhound wasteland.

      1. Sam's on either Chester Pike or MacDade Blvd. I can never remember which one is which. Sam's is a red gravy tavern with pretty good food. Excellent Cioppino, Broccoli Rabe, soups. Velevt Sinatra on the walls.

        1. Johnny Paisano's on Baltimore Pike in Springfield
          is ten minutes from the Swarthmore campus.
          They serve first-rate Italian food from fresh
          ingredients. It is mostly a take-out place with
          little atmosphere. But the food is well-made and
          very well-priced. Check out the daily specials
          on their 'hotline'--610-544-8977.

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          1. re: Stu Green

            Thanks Stu. A bit too late. Based on the comments I received in advance, we ended up eating at home and I had the most overpriced softpretzel I've ever had at the school snackbar on the Swarthmore College campus - where concert was. (But great concert.. Nickel Creek.. a super acountic band.)