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Apr 11, 2002 10:00 PM

Indian Food [Suburban Philadelphia]

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Can anyone recommend a good Inidna restaurant - preferably in the western Phiily suburbs?



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  1. d
    David De Silva

    Khajuraho in Ardmore. Good food along with erotic artwork on the walls!

    1. c
      Carl Perretta

      Star of India in West Chester. BYOB. Service with a sneer, but the food's pretty good.

      1. Khajuraho in Ardmore is quite good. Shere-E-Punjab in Media is also quite delicious.

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        1. re: foodie784

          Taste of India and Chinnar, both in the Wayne/Devon area.

        2. Bawarchi

            1. re: alwayson

              A Pakistani co-worker told me he loves Desi b/c they cook in a largely Pakistani style. I on the otherhand did not like the spread at all.

              1. re: mrslloyddobler

                spread means buffet?

                There are two types of Indian buffet goers. Some want variety. Some want quality.

                I typically load up on just two dishes at Indian buffets, and skip everything else. That would be lamb/goat curry and chicken tikka with nan. I don't even bother with rice.

                1. re: alwayson

                  Yes, I do mean buffet. I have had buffet selections and dinnertime ala carte at TOI and Chinnar, and detect no discernable difference in taste, freshness or quality. My only complaint with some Indian buffet spreads is that the spice level is often reduced to appease the masses. This problem doesn't exist with TOI.