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Apr 7, 2002 08:25 PM

Thanks for Pigalle!

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Thank you, David and Persephone, for recommending Pigalle.
Six of us had dinner there last week and we all were delighted. I had three appetizers instead of an entree because I wanted to try them - all excellent!
Friends went there this week on our recommendation and also had a wonderful dinner. One of them had the steak frites and said it was great.
It's also lovely looking with great atmosphere.
Craig LeBan is reviewing it in the Inquirer next week, so assuming he likes it as much as we do, make your reservation early!


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  1. I'm so glad you liked it! The three appetizers idea sounds great, I was thinking of doing someting like that next time we go. Which three did you get, and how were they all? I plan to definitely have the escargots again, and there was soemthing involving pears and camembert toast that sounded rather wonderful. I'm looking forward to reading the review next week, it will be interesting to see if he shares our opinion.

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    1. re: Persephone
      David De Silva

      I agree and am glad you liked it as well. Nothing is more fun than suggesting a place and then having others thinks its great too (and conversely, nothing is worse than the opposite).

      We have friends coming in from out of town (Charlotte) on the 27th. We are going to take them into town, show them some sights, and then dinner at Pigalle! Regarding Craig LeBan, my prediction is that he'll have something to complain about (he always does) and give it one bell. That's why I don't really pay much attention to what he says.

      1. re: Persephone

        My three appetizers were:
        1) the escargots, which I loved. I would probably order that one again, also.
        2) the mushroom tart. This was very good, lots of mushrooms in a flaky shell, but nothing unusual. I would want to try something else.
        3) the Camembert and pear French toast. I would want this one again! It is a bit sweet, so better saved for last; I savored every bite.

        Another choice ( an entree) would be the vegetable crepe - I think it featured butternut squash and goat cheese. The people who ordered it really raved about it, but I didn't get a taste.

        Let me know if you come across another "must order"!