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Nov 8, 2001 10:19 AM

Happy Hour Freebies

  • m

All this talk about lost San Francisco favorites got me thinking about all the old after-work spots with free food that have disappeared in the 20-or-so years I've been working in the Financial District. I used to have an extensive list for occasional Friday afternoon TGIF sessions with friends or co-workers, but most of the places on my list are no more.

Anyone care to help me make a new list? I'm talking about watering holes -- divey or nice -- it doesn't matter -- so long as there's something more than chips and nuts offered on the house at happy hour. Interested in after-work SF places, so Financial District, Downtown, nearby SOMA, etc.

If we get a decent sized list, I'll compile and e-mail to anyone who expresses an interest.


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  1. m

    The happy hour at the Tonga Room at the Fairmont is not free but its cheap. For $6 and a one drink minimum, you get an all you can eat dim sum buffet and a thunderstorm every 20 minutes. New Pisa restaraunt in North Beach used to have a free pretty nice Antipasto spread on Fridays.

    1. I've been out of the loop too long, but when my wife and I were working downtown, everyone flocked to the places with the best happy hour eats. I talked to some friends in the business, it is surprising how you can increase your gross with good eats to attract a crowd...also people don't seem to mind getting ripped off for the drinks. Often heard people say "the wine prices are steep, but the free hors d'oerves are great". A current listing would be great.

      1. k
        Kathleen Mikulis

        This is a great topic. I've been wanting to know where I can eat for free!

        I work in one of the Embarcadero Center office buildings and our Embarcadero Center newsletter a few months ago had these tidbits for Happy Hour:

        Fuzio - $2 appetizers
        Fujiya - $2.50 well drinks with complimentary appetizers
        Chevys - one free appetizer per pitcher of margaritas
        Pizzeria Uno - $2 off appetizers
        The Holding Company - free appetizers (Mon. - Thurs.)
        Lavash - free appetizers

        I haven't actually tried any of these places for Happy Hour, and don't know if these prices are still valid.

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        1. re: Kathleen Mikulis

          Hey, Kathleen! I work just across the street (50 California). There are several 'hounds who work in and around the Embarcadero Centers -- maybe we could all get together for lunch (dim sum anyone?) one day, or check out some of those freebie appetizers after work.

          1. re: Ruth Lafler
            Kathleen Mikulis

            That sounds cool. I'd love to do lunch sometime with other foodies. Cheap dim sum somewhere sounds great. Count me in.

        2. There is always McArthur Park, with chips and salsa, crudites and ranch dressing, and usually chix wings that are good or sometimes a more elaborate hot dish and cheese.