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Nov 6, 2001 03:55 PM

Primavera @ the SF Farmer's Market

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Anyone have information on the Primavera booth at the SF Farmer's Market? I can't find anything about a restaurant called Primavera ... do they only cook those delicious meals for Market-goers, or is there somewhere else I can get them? The chilequilas they make are delicious. Thanks.

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  1. no restaurant - they sell at the ferry plaza market, and have distribution in select stores (just ask at the market and they will tell you where) - the only one i know of near me is the little produce market in the stanford shopping center. i think they also list a phone number on their packaging - check it out.

    all of their products are wonderful - the guacamole with corn is great with nice chunks of avocado in the mix, the salsa has a nice bite and a smoky flavor, though is a bit oily, and the tamales are creative and yummy. all worth a try.

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      Melanie Wong

      Brad, thanks for your earlier post (on Barrassa) which mentioned Primavera tamales. A couple months ago I was driving up the Sonoma Hwy. and recognized the name on the signboard. I stopped in to inquire which tamales might still be hot from the initial cooking and picked up 1 pork tamale, 1 butternut squash with roasted green chili, 1 zucchini and corn with jack cheese, and 1 chicken molé at $6/4 (will discount to $15/12) and a pint of molé poblano sauce. This was on a Friday night and the owner mentioned that that's the best time to stop by as they'll have a bigger assortment getting ready for Saturday morning at Ferry Plaza.

      The flavor of the stone ground masa was intense and deep with corni-ness and I liked the rough cut texture. While these are not traditional, they are still delicious. The pork tamale had some bite to it too. I prefer the more unctuous style of masa, but these had a lot going for them and I'd buy them again. The molé has been a welcome accompaniment for using up leftover chicken and pork.

      And, Celery, if you're listening, you'd be well-advised to order the stone ground masa for your gran tamalada.

      17070 Sonoma Hwy. (at Agua Caliente Rd.)
      Sonoma, CA 95476

      1. re: Melanie Wong

        Thanks for the reminder Melanie - the masa is on our list (there was an article in the Chronicle a few months ago with sources and this was one of them they mentioned). I had their butternut squash tamales for lunch this weekend along with their guacamole - made for a nice quick lunch at work.

        1. re: Melanie Wong

          that price, $6/4, is a nice discount vs what they sell for at the ferry plaza market, which i THINK is $7 or maybe even $8. they are definitely not traditional tamales - but they are delicious.

          1. re: brad kaplan
            Melanie Wong

            Jeez, compared to those price points, the $15 for 12 volume price is pratically free!