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Feb 26, 2002 12:51 PM

need help for sat. night

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We're in town Friday thru Sunday. Friday is Overtures.
Sunday brunch at four Seasons. Need some help for Sat.
night. Something a little more casual. I read about Langostinos but it seems its hard to get a cab around there. Thanks for any help.


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    David De Silva

    first of all excellent choices for Friday and Sunday! For a more casual, but tasty, Saturday night may I suggest the following multi-ethnic choices:

    Azafran-excellent neuvo latino fare in a small, but artsy space on S. 3rd St.BYOB; Chloe-casual homestyle cooking in another small, but quaint space at 2nd and Arch, BYOB as well; La Cucina Forte-excellent Italian on S. 8th St. from a noted chef, BYOB; and Penang-serving very tasty Malaysian food in an industrial setting in Chinatown, not BYOB and gets crowded early. Hope these help, I don't think any except perhaps La Cucina Forte take reservations. David

    1. Well you are in luck because there are a lot of nice casual restaurants to choose from.
      Dimitri's on south third street is mediterranean with lots of fresh fish and good salads. Its BYO and they don't take reservations. Its small, expect to wait.
      Tre Scalini - on South 11th/Passyunk ave. Its one of the best italian restaurants in the City. Its casual and byo. Order anything, its all wonderful. You might have trouble getting a reservation for this saturday.
      Mezza Luna - on South 8th st. - byo, casual and they take reservations.
      Figs on North 25th st. Mediterranean - a bit more varied menu than Dimitris. Byo and they take reservations.
      Tequila's on Locust - mexican, they take reservations.

      There are lots more. You can't go wrong with any of these.

      1. You've had wonderful suggestions; all good!
        Don't bother going to Chloe and Dmitri's (both terrific places) unless you're going at about 5:30. They're mobbed.
        If you're not going to be eating early, make a reservation. Philly on a Saturday night is restaurant night, and most places do fill up. Tre Scalini, which I love, is probably impossible.
        If you go to Cucina Forte, make sure to order the gnocchi.
        I'll add a possibility - La Boheme, on S. 11th St., does take reservations. Very small, informal, and it may be cash only - I don't remember.
        There are some excellent Asian restaurants in Chinatown; depending on where you are staying, that might be convenient.
        If you have never been to the Reading Terminal Market, make sure you go for lunch on Friday or
        Saturday. It's an experience!