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Nov 4, 2001 08:56 PM

Terrific Wine Tastings at Chapeau!

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Wanted to pass the word on a great way to spend a Saturday. Philippe Gardelle, the owner of CHAPEAU! and HATS OFF wine shop is holding tastings at his restaurant on Clement @ 15th St. I have attended a good few now and they are always delightful and a huge bargain. Philippe and his staff are well organized with place settings, bread, cheese and tasting notes. The tastings are formal in that Philippe speaks briefly about the varietal or region, we taste (usually 8 wines) and then finish by ranking the wines. All this for $16! Held from 12-2 every other Saturday. The next class is November 17. To reserve a seat or add your name to the email mailing list, call the restaurant at 415-750-9787.

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    randy salenfriend

    Maura, how interesting and timely! Have you noted the post about our upcoming Burgundy dinner @ Chapeau on November 7?