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Jan 17, 2002 01:35 PM

Suggestions in Philly

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Hi, everyone:

My wife and I will spend Saturday and Sunday this weekend in Philly.

We're really interested in ethnic foods...prefer to keep costs to the level of moderate to moderately expensive.

We visited last November, and had a wonderful lunch (despite long wait and rather obnoxious barmaid) at Monk's cafe. We particularly like seafood, Asian, French (Bistro especially) and African/Middle Eastern. (We don't need a recommendation for Belgian, as we'll definitely be lunching Saturday at Monk's again...)

Thanks in advance!

Seth Ruffer

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  1. I know you're thinking about Monk's...but I just have to throw this in. If you liked Monk's, you'll LOVE Bridgid's. Brigid's is Belgian, but in my opinion takes what Monk's is doing right and makes it perfect. AMAZING menu that simply goes perfectly with the super Belgian Ales, Lambics and such they offer. The staff positively know how to pair the right beer with your dish. It's also in an interesting "other" part of the city, near the Art Museum.
    Bridgid's - 726 N 24th St. Philly

    1. Check out New Wave Cafe in Queen Village (3rd & Catharine). The chef is amazing & the vibe is very mellow. It doesn't look like the kinda place you'd find great food, but it really is.

      Also, if you like Southern food, go to Bluezette in Old City. Very modern approach to Southern faves. And Cuba Libre does the Cuban thing with real flair. Very fun. Great Mojitos.

      And don't miss the two Vietnamese restaurants on North 11th Street. Vietnam Palace & Vietnam Restaurant. They're across the street from each other. Some people prefer one, others like the other. I personally love Palace. It's my favorite place for Sunday brunch.

      Happy eating!