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Jan 16, 2002 02:45 PM

Another tipping question

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I'm a rather generous tipper - usually 20% or more. However, when it comes to wine, I get annoyed at the thought of tipping $30+ for uncorking a $200 bottle of wine.

In general, if the bottle of wine runs more than $60 or so, I'll calculate 20% of the food bill and add another $5-10 for the wine.

Any thoughts on this?

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  1. Hi Mike -

    Tipping rules are pretty hard and fast when it comes to percentage, however, in most of PA, the basic standard seems to be 15% of the pre-tax food & beverage total; more for superior service. The sommelier is tipped 8%-10% for the wine purchase. In this state, 20% is reserved for superior service(as opposed to good, or adequate, service), and over 20% is reserved for truly exceptional service. People have also fallen away from what is a basic supposition of manners, which is that one NEVER tips the prioprietor of a business. Any business owner, not aware of this basic social fact does not deserve to be in business. Poor service does not require tipping at any level.