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Dec 21, 2001 06:03 PM

Pif vs. Django

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Hi all:

I just tried both of these restaurants in the past week and definitely have to say I agree with Craig LaBan - Django is a much better (three bells vs. two)experience. The food at both restaurants was delicious, but I found the ambiance and level of service at Django to be far superior to Pif. And the cheese platter at Django is infinitely better - more selections of higher quality items. I will say that I'd go back to Pif for the foie gras and/or the escargot - both were outstanding! Does anyone else have an opinion about these two places head to head?

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  1. well, i'm supposed to drop by django january 3rd.

    maybe i'll do pif after that.

    i want to go either there or la boheme on 11th b/c
    i want to a french bistro/country place (never having been), and for other reasons, i'd prefer the former.

    i do suspect you and laban are correct, but just a hunch.

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    1. re: herbalicious

      I have reservations for Django on December 4th. I was wondering if anyone who has been there recently can let me know what dishes I should definitely order. Also,I've heard a lot about the cheese plate from the articles I've read. I'm not too keen on cheese that has a strong taste or smell. I wanted to know if the cheese selection tends to be more on the mild side or is it a bit more pungent. Please let me know. I'm very excited about going to Django, but being a foodie, of course I want to know everything about the place.

      1. re: jeannette
        Andrew Fenton

        The menu changes every month, so I can't give you specifics on what to try in January.

        The cheese plate tends to run the whole spectrum. I've had it four or five times, and it's always very different, but it's guaranteed to have some good ol' stanky cheeses included; last time there was a Morbier that would knock your socks off, but also some milder stuff (a really nice aged gouda, among others).

        I'd say give it a try: the cheeses are always paired with fruits, honey, etc., which complement them nicely. Plus, you'll get a little lecture from Aimee: I always feel like I've learned something.


        1. re: jeannette
          Sylvia Glassman

          We've been to Django several times, and so far, everything has been excellent.
          I found their duck breast to be top notch - thick and very tender, with wonderful flavor - and their salmon (ubiquitous, so I rarely order it out) was exceptional.
          My favorite appetizer is no longer on the menu. It was smoked trout with pasta and a pesto sauce, which may sound odd, but was amazing. Their smoked trout salad is wonderful, as are their brie and mushroom crepes.
          I've had their ravioli special as an appetizer (if you ask them, they'll do it) and that's lovely. They have a good hand with pasta.
          My husband loves their cheese platter for dessert, but I stick to my first love, a chocolate dessert, something like a marquise, with brittle and an unusual ice cream. MMMmm! I have a sweet tooth, and I can get good cheeses elsewhere.
          Keep in mind that this is a plain, unassuming place - where everything happens to be delicious. Enjoy it!

      2. (Disclaimer: Django is unquestionably my favorite restaurant in Philly, a title it has held since the month it opened. So there's a little devil's advocate in the following.)

        As for comparing Django to Pif, head-to-head, i just think that they are trying for two very different things. Django's cheese plate is -amazing-, but unconventional and complicated (i like complicated, personally.) Pif's is more what i would expect...three or so good cheeses and some bread and fruit. I guess that actually sums up most everything at Django -- it's all very multifaceted. In the wrong hands, this kind of approach turns into a big muddy mess that i bet we have all experienced somewhere or another. I found Pif to be less inventive, but the executions were well done and more classic.

        Pif defintely suffers in direct comparison to Django. The service is simply not as good, and attention to detail is obviously a higher priority at Django. However, i'd be interested to hear how Pif stacks up against, say, La Boheme. And having not yet been to Chloe, i'd be interested to hear how it compares to Django.