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Dec 18, 2001 05:18 PM

Suburban Philly Bakery

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Does anyone know of a great bakery in suburban Philly? I'm looking mostly for pies and pastries.


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    Sylvia Glassman

    I know of three that I think are excellent. And there are many more that are very good.
    Aux Petits Delices is in Wayne, at 162 E. Lancaster Ave. I was just reading in this morning's Inquirer that the chef/owner of Birchrunville Inn goes there to buy their chocolate Yule log for his family. I have tasted their cakes, which are superb.
    Morninglory, at 1642 Butler Pike in Conshohocken, makes great pies. They sell them by order only. I believe they are a catering place. I've never been there, but have tasted their pies.
    Viking Pastries, at 39 Cricket Ave. in Ardmore, is just off of Lancaster Ave., near the Ardmore Shopping Mall. People in Philadelphia have been making the trip to this bakery for years. Everything I've ever had from there has been excellent.
    Their cakes frosted with white chocolate shavings are famous. Their mini honeybuns melt in the mouth.
    I don't live near any of these places, so I've just had samples - not as many as I would like.
    I understand that the former pastry chef from Le Bec
    Fin has opened a bakery in New Jersey, I think on Rte.70.
    I hope to read other people's recommendations. It's always fun to discover a new, great bakery!

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      Based on your recommendation, I ordered an apple pie from Morningglory. I picked it up Sunday morning and it was so beautiful I couldn't wait to eat it. When the moment came, I was not disappointed. In fact, it was the best apple pie I've ever had. Thank you for the recommendation.

    2. Hi Ted:

      Aux Petit Delices is an excellent suggestion from Sylvia. I love their cakes and their chocolates are to die for.

      In New Jersey, I don't think that Miel (Robert Bennett formerly of Le Bec Fin's bakery) is open quite yet, but I'd check to be certain. It is in the shopping center on Route 70 East where Corkscrewed wine shop and Bobby Chez's crab cakes place are.

      In Westmont, NJ, just off of Haddon Avenue and Cuthbert Blvd. is a little tiny shop called Patisserie de Manille. It is owned by a very nice young Filipina woman and her pastries and cookies are excellent! They provide the desserts at Le Me Toujour, which is my favorite French-Vietnamese BYO in Marlton. Delicious Opera cake, Mango mirror mousse cake, chocolate bombe, etc. Very high quality stuff and beautiful to look at too. I always pick stuff up there when I'm expecting guests or want to make a particularly good impression bringing over a house gift. Severino pasta shop is just down the road too, so that's another great stop when planning a meal to really knock your guests off their feet. Maximal impact for minimal work!

      1. If you are looking for a bakery in Eastern Montgomery County, Weinrich's in Willow Grove is good. However, I highly recommend Zake's Cakes on Bethlehem Pike in Fort Washington. It's the best!

        1. In case anyone else is wondering, out near Doylestown PA is a great little place called Tabora Orchard, just sort of north of Lake Galena. They have wonderful pies, as well as breads, cookies, pastries, etc. I cannot resist the Linzer tort squares or the fresh tomato basil rolls.

          1. I've heard that there's an excellent bakery at the top of Chestnut Hill called Cake. I've only tried one of their cakes and it was excellent, but I've heard from others that everything else is just as good. Address: 184 E. Evergreen Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19118. It's behind the beginning row of shops on the left if you're coming from the burbs down Germantown Pike.

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