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Dec 8, 2001 07:06 PM

Italian in Ambler

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If you are looking for not-too-expensive, but up-scale dining in the Ambler area of Montgomery County I recommend San Marco on Bethlehem Pike. At a recent dinner there my wife had a salmon, wrapped in prosciutto, stuffed with lobster tail, that she's still raving about. They have a number of fish specials each evening, so you never have to worry about getting bored. Also a number of home-made pasta dishes and a couple of risottos. Try the excellent soups.

Excellent service from old world waiters, and they have fine Italian wines you won't get anywhere else. Its classy and quiet, a welcome change from the chaos of Carambola. Another bonus is that you won't have fellow diners wearing baseball hats, as is too often the case at Carambola. Not to knock Carambola, which is one of my favorites, but for a change of pace, try San Marco.

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  1. Hey Johnny:

    Do you know if the Ambler San Marco is any relation to the small but excellent San Marco at 2nd & South Streets? The Ambler location sounds as if the food is a little more upscale, but both seem to have excellent Italian food and Old World type service. I'll have to try the Ambler restaurant at a future date. Thanks for the tip!

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      No, Katie, I do not think the two San Marcos are related. The one in Ambler is relatively new. It was previously called Il Gallo Nero, which was owned by the same family who had a delightful place of the same name at 15th & Locust Streets for many years. It was Ricardo Muti's favorite. When Il Gallo Nero's people retired back to Italy the current ownership took over and they seem to be maintaining the same high standards.