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Dec 4, 2001 11:42 AM

soul food

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i went to joyce's soul food the other night at 23rd and allegheny (in the neighborhood known as swampoodle), it was pretty decent, unfortunately they had run out of ribs, but the chicken was alright, choice of three sides (i had greens, candied yams and rice with gravy) and choice of bread. Enough food to keep me complaining about how full i was for a good portion of the night. I'll definitely be going back for ribs some time soon. Anyone know of other good soul food joints in the city, i've been to the ones on south street and have been to big george's as well and i am also trying to do a survey of rib joints in the city.

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  1. j
    Jim Tarantino

    Another place you may want to look at is DeBreaux's at the Overbrook Train Station where the Manhatten bakery use to be. Amoung the clientele is some of the Sixers and ou-of-town friendly opposition. It's a small place a bit of lag time till you get your order. While the menu dosen't look it, the food tastes of the South. Francis De Breaux does everything per order from scratch. Her husband Joseph is a landscaper who has a business on the side selling quality (and a godd variety)smoking wood for BBQ. Try the pulled-pork sandwich with a side of potatoe salad.

    1. Hi Nick:

      Driving up to Temple this evening to meet a friend, I passed Willa's Inn at the corner of 16th & Poplar which bills itself (according to the small sign outside) as a Soul Food cafe. I can't say any more than that, but I thought of your post and thought I'd add to your list for the Philly Soul Food pilgrimage.

      Let us know if it's any good!

      1. s
        Sushi Gourmet

        Best 2 I've been to:

        #1 Rib Crib @ 6333 Germantown Ave (don't recommend the chicken)

        #2 Ron's Rib @ 1627 South St (killer hot sauce, I am not kidding!!! Hot as hell!!!)