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Nov 4, 2001 12:02 AM

your advice done me wrong

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sorry, chowpersons, but I took your advice and ate at boulevard the other day; should have gone to rubicon (my friend is a regular there and says it is consistently excellent). the food at boulevard was decent - at best - my companion said it was like "high end cheesecake factory food". service was good, the room was a bit overwrought, and the whole place had the atmosphere of a large, well run factory. portions were huge, except for the duck confit, which was small and hardly memorable. the popularity of this place obviously speaks to a lowbrow appreciation for big, clunky plates of unexceptional food, consistent, yes, but short on elegance and finesse. and hardly innovative - tuna tartare, crab cakes, mashed potatoes. big deal. the watering trough of the herd. signed, the cod.

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  1. z
    Zach Georgopoulos

    Heh. Reminds me of Bauer's review of Blvd. when it first opened. The headline was something like "Boulevard: Not Worth Crossing the Street for." Still, people do...

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    1. re: Zach Georgopoulos

      If Bauer dinged Boulevard, it must be good. I think I'll go.

      1. re: Jim H.
        Zach Georgopoulos

        He, he... probably true -- I just tend to avoid high-priced places, so I'm perfectly happy to avoid the ones Bauer dings.

    2. Looks like people who are not into generous portions of tuna tartare, crab cakes, and mashed potatoes should definitely avoid this place.

      1. I didn't chime in with the Blvd. or Rubicon discussion because I have not been to Rubicon. But I have been to Blvd. a couple of times and I feel I need to defend it somewhat after your scathing review. Both times when we were there, the food was more than "high end cheesecake factory" and the service was great. I wouldn't compare it with places like Gary Danko or French Laundry, but it definitely has its place among fine dining. However, I do think people have different tastes and opinion about what is good to them. Granted we are chowhound and suppose to know what is "good", but that doesn't make us identical. Sorry you had a bad experience there, but I wouldn't discourage others from going.

        1. Wow, if you disliked Boulevard, then you'll really hate Rubicon. Did you try the sweetbreads or the foie gras with the rest of the "masses"? To each his own, but I vehemently disagree. I'll take the "factory" any day.

          1. My advice said to stick to the appetizers, but alas, some people like to try the entree's....oh well. Sorry it sucked for you, now you know not to go there again. :)

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            1. re: Jupiter

              As I get older (and wiser, I hope) I find that appetizers is the way to go. Sadly, the appetizers in some overrated places are no better than the entrees, but all in all, it is worth a try. I recall one of the best meals of my life was several years ago in Covington, LA...across the lake from NO. I had a crawfish pie and three delectable soft crabs. It was ecstasy.