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another morimoto report

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  • fusilli Nov 28, 2001 01:42 AM
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went to morimoto on friday night....

had the $80 omakase, but since he screwed up and gave us shrimp- which one of us is allergic to-- he felt bad and sent us a couple of extra courses...to answer someone else's question- no, sake is not included nor is bottled water

we sat at the sushi bar and were served by morimoto himself....nice guy...

everything was excellent..although the omakase menus consist of a number of floating set pieces that they shift around...

excellent sashimi- had 3 differernt dishes with sashimi in them...
a great piece of angus steak, btw...
good clear soup- somebody does the dashi right...
i didnt love the black cod, but i never love black cod...still it was pretty decent..

i am a great fan of fresh yuzu..morimoto seems as fond of it as i am- and also had 2 other exotic japanese citrus fruits...

the highlight may have been the sushi, which i normally wouldnt say since i generally prefer sahimi.

but- these 5 pieces had top quality fish and on several, a highly original twist which didnt sacrifice the original aesthetic....

the wait staff: fawning and mildly annoying. also not very knowledgable. told me i had red snapper on my plate- when it looked like fluke...asked morimoto he laughed said it was fluke..

overall..id be happy to go back...
somewhat cheaper than
Nobu in NY,

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  1. How difficult was it to get reservations?

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      from what i understand from my friend's girlfriend who is a waitress there, they're trying to slightly underbook the place initially so they can ensure top of the line service, when they feel there is better coordination between all parts of the restaurant, that would stop.

      based on what i expect to be a lot of requests for reservations, this would make the wait time even longer than otherwise, for now.

      or i could just be overanalyzing.