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Nov 3, 2001 10:28 PM

Alma+Hayes n' Vine

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Okay, this place was a total surprise. Its in the old "Rooster" location on 22nd and Valencia. Its sort of a mix of many Latin American Cuisines-or it was last Tuesady. The woman who opened Hayes n' Vine, I think I recognized her looking important at Alma, seems to be the owner or part owner.

So Alma is great. The wine is good and well priced, they do flights of both wine and ceviche. I had a great Hangar steak with a gratin of hearts of palm and potatos. It was cheap too, with a bottle of wine like 60 bucks, for two, without tip.

I heartily recommend trying it out, just go with an open mind as it does not seem to follow any regional cuisine style, when I was there it seemed to be Cuban, Mexican and something that is a little bit of the chef-I liked it. I was very happily surprised.

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  1. The true owner of this place is the chef, Johnny Allamila, whose food is no surprize if you tasted his wonderful cooking at "Che". I think his Latin visions are among the most original & interesting food in the Bay Area. (He does have a woman, investor-partner)
    We finally made it to Alma a few weeks ago, the location is not as convienent to the East Bay as the 3rd St. location was (lost his lease). But his food was just as great & this dining room is more comfortable. A wonderful place to take vegetarians, I've ordered his vegetarian plates just because the food was so interesting! If you are any where near the Mission eat here!